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Where’s Perez?

Perez was a little tough to spot, but he was there at the Ferrari Driver’s Academy on September 15th. If I was there, the hypothetical interview might go something like this:

My follow-up question would be: So… you look a little uncomfortable in red. Does it hurt your eyes?

Perez might say: Well… I’m used to the plainest overalls on the grid you know…


Oh dear. I did it again. Ferrari makes it way too easy to for me to poke fun at their signature color.


A Shirt for EJ

26/09/2011 2 comments

Due to the Ladytron concert on Sunday, I did not get to update my blog like I had planned. I’m quite ashamed that the blog has fallen into a pit of neglect. ~_~ For now, I have a bit of entertainment for the loyal readers.

I have found a new shirt for our dear EJ. I believe it has details that he would enjoy: bold color, whimsical print.

What in the world did I find? Why the Muppets x Opening Ceremony collaboration. While I realize this shirt is categorized under “women,” it is menswear styled. Wouldn’t EJ just be so adorable with little Kermit the Frog faces all over his torso?

And the perfect EJ trouser pairing for this Kermit shirt would be:

Isn’t that a very EJ look? I wouldn’t lie to my dear readers. 😉

If you fancy the Kermit shirt, it retails for $180USD at Opening Ceremony.

P.S. I hope to have some ‘real’ posts out soon….