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Oh Georgie…

25/09/2012 11 comments

Georgie Thompson’s role in the Sky Sports Sky Pad is probably to serve as “eye candy” for the male viewers. Cause she doesn’t really add any valuable comments or insights. In fact most of her comments are so meaningless I might as well be up there with Anthony Davidson. However “eye candy” is relative and I don’t find Georgie to be eye candy at all. Don’t get me wrong, Georgie isn’t ugly, her clothes are ugly.


I mean it.

That woman needs a stylist stat (me, perhaps? ;)). Let’s take a look at what she wore at Monza on race day:

As I’ve pointed out on my screen cap, there are many things wrong with Georgie’s look. First of all, her hair was HORRIBLE. Don’t they have hair stylists over there at Sky Sports? Come on, Lee McKenzie would never appear on the BBC looking so haphazard. It was just a mess and Georgie looked like she rolled out of bed 15 minutes ago, freaked out, grabbed the nearest hair tie (which happened to be YELLOW by the way), put her hair up and ran to the studio.

I’m pretty sure both men and women can agree that Georgie’s dress was simply horrible on many levels. The cutout bodice was sort of strange. While the cutout does drew the eye to her bust, the shape was reminiscent of a “no sign.” Such as NO SMOKING. Or NO PARKING. Basically any sort of sign with a slash through it. In other words, please do not replicate this look. Ever. Just don’t do it. And the dress was too tight. WAY too tight. It was so tight, Georgie’s muffin top was bursting through (gross, I know…).

Remember my previous post about the history of clothing sizes? Today I shall illustrate an example of poor fit with Georgie Thompson’s help. -_-;

Some people do not know what constitutes good and poor fit. Let me tell you, you don’t need a clothes whisperer or anything. Your clothes can “talk”… you just have to be able to understand what they are saying. Once you do, you will realize they may be screaming at you “HEY IT DOESN’T FIT! HELP ME!!!”… such is the case below:

Wrinkling and ripples in clothing are key indicators of poor fit. It means the clothes are too small for your body in a certain area. Sometimes the clothes will pull in such a way that it will look like arrows, pointing to the area of poor fit (such as the crotch!). In Georgie’s case, all of the ripple action is happening at the waist and hips. While the dress fits at the bust, it is pretty much saying “Georgie your waist/hips are too big for me.” The reason why the dress ripples is because the dress is shifting up to accomodate Georgie’s waist/hips. Does that make sense? If her hips were smaller, the dress would be able to hang straight and there would be no wrinkling.

Here is another illustration from a side view:

Remember the show Are you being served?? One of their favorite lines was “Don’t worry, it will ride up with wear.” Unfortunately, clothes do ride up with wear, especially ill fitting ones! In Georgie’s case, take a look at all the fabric bunching up at the waist. Sure, I see the lump for the microphone. But the fabric is also bunching at the side seams and underarms. Poor Georgie’s dress is crying out for help. “Help me… her butt is a little big for me… I don’t have any choice but to go up!”

Let’s all learn a lesson from Georgie here. Please remember, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. That is to say, just because you can squeeze your body into a certain size, doesn’t mean it fits. Afterall, looking like a sausage is never a good look, and it certainly isn’t sexy! I’m never one for fashion rules, because afterall, rules are fun to break! πŸ˜‰ But it is true that for most people, absolutely skintight dresses are not the most flattering. Body skimming clothes tend to be more flattering and leaving a little something to the imagination never hurt either, right? πŸ˜‰

I shall end this post with a bit of humor. I swear Georgie looks massive next to Anthony… and I always compare the size of their arms whenever they are on screen:

White Heat

The photos from Singapore are already available… but I felt the need to finish up the material from Monza. Bear with the old material for a bit longer. πŸ™‚

I normally don’t combine posts for girlfriends, but Isabell Reis and Jessica Michibata both wore white on race day at Monza.

Isabell’s dress was quite cute. The eyelet lace accents added a bohemian-peasant type of style to the dress. I normally don’t like bold earrings, but the earrings Isabell chose worked with the outfit. The shoes and belt also looked great with the dress.

Jessica’s race day outfit was probably my favorite from Monza:

Jessica usually wears dresses so I was happy to see her in separates for a change. The white camisole she wore was super cute, the pin tuck detailing gave the top a tuxedo shirt look. The skirt appeared to be a bandage type, which was sort of ordinary. However the stripes gave the skirt just a little more wow factor. Jessica’s accessories consisted of her usual: thin gold bangles, flat sandals, aviators, and a brand name bag.

Hot and Cold in Monza

21/09/2010 2 comments

Grey and pink happens to be one of my favorite color combinations. Grey and pink can be shocking and dramatic or quite soft and pastel like the pairing Jessica was wearing at Monza. Jessica’s overall look this time seems a bit mixed. She was wearing the usual short jersey dress and her favorite bag of the moment (Hermes Birkin). I also spy a black bra again. Jessica’s cream shawl was retired for Monza and in lieu of a soft pink one. However it does make one wonder a bit. Was Jessica cold at Monza? Is that why she was wearing the shawl? If so, why not just wear more clothing?


Maybe she just wants to be sexy for Jenson. Or maybe the temperature was warm (yes, I am too lazy to check the weather history from that time), but the air conditioner in the motorhome was overly strong? Who knows. All I know is that it’s just another typical outfit for Jessica. Luckily she wore something much more interesting on race day. That post is coming soon dear readers! πŸ˜‰

A Close Call

20/09/2010 6 comments

Vivian Sibold was seen wearing a grey (grey olive perhaps?) tiered skirt at Monza. She also wore oversized 70s style sunglasses and a beige blouse with puffed sleeves, giving the overall look a boho style which she carries well.

The skirt was rather cute and at first I had identified the skirt as being from Mango, since I owned one. However upon closer inspection of the photo and my skirt… it turns out I was WRONG. Oops. But, the olive skirt I have from Mango is a reasonable substitution.

Here are some styling options with the Mango skirt I own. If people are interested I can post the brands of what I am wearing… but most things are past season and would be hard to find. However, I am quite proud of my hat as I hand blocked it and made it myself. πŸ˜€ The hat also conveniently blocks my face. Trust me I normally would not wear it with each combination as listed below.

Disclaimer: Good lord my clothes need to be ironed. Well, I dug them out of the hamper so they were wrinkled. Sorry TMI huh? πŸ˜› I’m also not America’s next top model though it’d be nice if I was!

Option 1: Using a plaid shirt dress as a sort of jacket

Option 2: Going on board with a semi “military” inspired trend here. It’s not really “military” though… more like an outdoors/camping style vest?

Option 3: Similar idea to Option 1.

Option 4: Autumn-ish. I actually wanted to show everyone the shoes I picked for this skirt. It’s also not visible, but the wrap is super cute. All those yellow blobs are actually yellow chicks. I also should have worn some kind of shrug or light jacket… but I couldn’t find anything I liked at the time these photos were taken.

Here’s a pic I found of my shawl online:

So there you have it… the way thepitwalk would wear Vivian Sibold’s skirt. Let me know what you think of this format. I may or may not do it again as I really want this blog to stay about F1.

Recycle Reduce Reuse?

16/09/2010 1 comment

Despite most of the attention spent on drivers, wives, and girlfriends, the pit walk doesn’t forget about managers, especially Oksana Kossatchenko! The outfits Oksana wore at Monza on Friday and Saturday happened to be repeats.

The black Burberry polo she wore on Friday was first spotted at Hockenheim:

She has even left the same number of buttons undone! It’s hard to say whether the glasses were the same or not since the other photo was taken at a greater distance. I do however liked the dΓ©gradΓ© effect on her acetate frames!

Saturday’s outfit was an almost exact clone from Monaco’s ensemble:

The differences this time: the black and white striped shirt and a printed red scarf. Everything else, including the glasses, was the same. I still think this is a chic look, but the red glasses look a bit like reading glasses.

Glasses can be a fun accessory, just ask Eddie Jordan (or William So.. haha). Which pair of glasses do the readers prefer on Oksana? Or do the readers give both pairs a thumbs down? The black pair seems to fit Oksana’s face better, the red ones seem a bit wide. Black is also a bit harsh for her coloring, especially while wearing black! Though the red frame looks a bit sexy secretary-ish, it brightened up Oksana’s face. hrm… a tough choice…

Baby Mama

16/09/2010 7 comments

Rafaella Bassi returned to the paddock in Monza with baby Felipinho in tow. Again she kept it low key in a white tank top, mirrored aviators, and her camel Chanel bag (the nanny is carrying it for her HAHA). Unfortunately, the bottom half is not visible due the the stroller. I wonder if the Benetton bag was filled with new goodies or simply used to hold various items.

As I suspected earlier, the nanny does indeed sport a Gucci diaper bag.

Here’s a closer shot of the cute Felipinho:

Such a stylish baby must be the work of Rafaela. Felipinho was all dressed up to go to the paddock in his rugby polo shirt and Puma tennis shoes. I wonder if these shoes were free/sponsored by Puma? It does make one wonder at times!