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Funniest Moments of Melbourne

1. Heikki telling Martin Brundle that he made a “team order” with his girlfriend: his gf and physiotherapist would switch passes.

2. The “interview” Martin Brundle had with psycho killer Vitaly Petrov. Did Petrov not understand the questions or did not answer the questions on purpose? heh.

3. Jenson saying “YATTA” post-win at Jessica’s prompting. Oh and the fact that he said it several times was highly amusing.

Sorry, there are no photos of #1 or #2. I would have had to make screencaps… and I didn’t have time this weekend for it.

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Kobayashi Won’t be Left Behind*

Kamui Kobayashi was sporting an army green messenger bag in Melbourne. The bag looks to be a good size, I especially like the long strap. The length of the strap allows the wearer to wear the bag cross-body or on the shoulder. There also appears to be a pair of handles so hand-carry is also an option. I happen to like how Kobayashi is wearing his bag at waist height.

This messenger bag reminds me of nekoball’s bags circa year 2000. But, the military trend has been back for awhile now and an easy way to incorporate that trend is with a bag. With all the drivers carrying a man-bag, I think the question now is… which driver DOESN’T own a man-bag?! 😀

* This might be a statement of the obvious but this post is not about Kobayashi’s performance in Melbourne, as he did not finish the race.

Jessica Michibata Channels Spring in Melbourne

Jessica was spotted on race day wearing a floral printed dress with a denim jacket. Overall, the look is quite cute, but there’s something slightly off about it. I think it is the overall proportion of everything. The neckline of the dress is very high (possibly a boatneck?). The dress is short, but jacket is a bit long in comparison. I think a cropped length jacket may have looked a bit better (or a lower cut dress HAHA). Despite only seeing a bit of her handbag, I believe Jessica carrying a Louis Vuitton Galleria PM bag in Damier Azul canvas.

Corinna Shumacher Follows the Tribal Trend

28/03/2010 5 comments

One of the trends for Spring 2010 is the continuation of the tribal trend. I despise this trend. Haha. But Corinna was rocking the tribal trend in her printed top with beaded accents. Her jewelry also goes along with the tribal trend, the wooden beaded bracelet echos the bead-work on her blouse.

Corinna was also on trend with her cuffed boyfriend jeans (or should I call them hubbie Shumacher jeans?) and metallic gladiator-inspired sandals. Overall, the look is easy chic… and I’m sure ladies that enjoy this look can easily create their own version.

Corinna was spotted using another Birkin, a chestnut coloured crocodile one at that. Here’s a closeup of the bag:

I’m curious about the brand of Corinna’s jeans as well. I can’t ID them based on the stitching on the backpocket. I am pretty sure that they aren’t AG, 7s, Citizen of Humanity, but maybe someone else reading this knows.

Melbourne Monster Grid Girl Bursts out of Bustier

28/03/2010 4 comments

Part of the appeal of any motor sport are the grid girls/race queens, etc. So of course… F1 is no different. I usually am not overly impressed by them, but I have decided to include a post for the female fans, not the males.

The photo I have posted is of a girl promoting Monster energy drink in what I assume is a pleather bustier. How is this post for the ladies? Please focus on the grid girl’s midriff. Notice the semi-unattractive bulge? It’s her mid section bursting out of the tight bustier. Haha. The purpose of this post is to show that grid girls are human as well…they might not have perfect bodies, just like any other human being.

In the grid girl’s defense, the design of the bustier is not the most flattering. What do I mean by that? Well, bustiers are garments that provide support and conform to the body. There is also a certain “squish factor” and let’s just say that body mass does not disappear and has to be redistributed SOMEWHERE. In this girl’s case, it is kind of like the “muffin top effect.” While it sounds cute, the muffin top effect does not look cute =x. This would not have been so bad if the bustier was longer in the torso… but I think it was designed shorter for increased sex appeal. It just means that the expectation is for grid girls to have nice abs as well as everything else.

And what makes me an expert on bustiers? Well, I’m not an expert per se… but I am currently constructing one with steel spiral boning, so I am not completely talking out of my arse.

EJ Spotted… Literally

EJ has been spotted in a polka dotted shirt in Melbourne… I am not being sarcastic when I make the comments about EJ being more daring about his clothes. I like geometric patterns and polka dots are no exception, though I typically prefer smaller ‘dots.’ However, I think EJ’s shirt looks pretty spring-like or summery… and that’s a feeling I can appreciate in March. As much as I love winter clothes, I’m dying for warmer weather and NO MORE RAIN. I think I would prefer it if EJ lost the cap though… 😉

Mr. De la rosa Rogers’ Neighborhood

Why is it that Pedro De la rosa looks so old? He isn’t even the oldest driver on the track!!! I mean… Barichello is old… but I don’t think “Wow he looks OOOOLD.” But for some reason, when I look at De la rosa, I just think “Hello there old man.” De la rosa’s look is reminiscent of a stereotypical TV sitcom school principal… or Mr. Rogers* of PBS’ Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood fame.

* This comparison was originally made by nekoball… and yes… I thought it was just too good.