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Vettel Tries Out Accessories

05/08/2010 6 comments

hmm… is it just me or does this just remind you of Nico Rosberg? Remember, Rosberg wears bracelets too. He was actually wearing another one I hadn’t seen before in Hockenheim:

So whose bracelets do you prefer? They are clearly different and represent different types of style. Vettel’s bracelet looks a bit more crude and organic. Rosberg’s bracelets look more refined and luxurious. It all comes down to personal preference and style, but I prefer Rosberg’s accessories this time around.

Looks like Vettel loses out again~


Hulkenberg Learnt From Liuzzi

It seems that Liuzzi has become Hulkenberg’s master. What is Liuzzi teaching young Hulkenberg? … accessorizing with a lovely scarf, that’s what!

Here’s a photo of the Grand Master himself:

Liuzzi must be teaching him well… but I’m not sure if Hulkenberg should be listening? Oh dear…

Now it’s time to move on to the copious amount of material I have for Valencia. Sorry I didn’t get around to writing about Nicole and the baby she used as an accessory … :/

Hamilton Not So Corporate Now?

27/05/2010 13 comments

Umm… it looks like Christian Klien is no longer the only driver on the grid with earrings. Hamilton was photographed wearing these somewhat discreet earrings in Turkey. But the real question is: Since when did Hamilton wear earrings?

I’m pretty sure these piercings are new. Despite the small size of the studs, I hope my powers of observation have not failed me until now. To verify, I looked at Hamilton’s photos from Monaco. There were no earrings in sight in Monaco. However, without a closer headshot, I can’t quite tell if his ears were pierced already or not. I’m leaning towards no, scars are visible pierced ear lobes even if they are pierced during childhood. But if anyone knows more about this topic, correct me if I am wrong.

So what do we think of Hamilton’s earrings? Is it cool and modern? Metrosexual perhaps? Or is it a “teenage rebellion” against corporate McLaren’s image (first the facial hair.. and now this)? I am not against males wearing earrings… but I feel they need a certain “image” to pull them off… one that I’m not sure Hamilton has.

All Hail Princess Rosberg

13/05/2010 3 comments

It is only fitting to write about royalty when F1 is in Monaco. 😉 However, this post will not be about Princess Grace Kelly, but Princess Nico Rosberg.

During the charity football match, Rosberg chose to wear a Puma headband to keep his hair out of the way. Don’t you think he looks like a princess here? Or maybe he is trying to channel Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl fame.

Haven’t got a clue about Blair Waldorf or Gossip Girl? Here’s a photo:

Hello Product Placement!

Taiwanese Steel? Just kidding!

There were some photos of the Renault TW Steel watches floating around, so I thought I would share them (click to enlarge if interested). I don’t find them particularly attractive, but maybe I just don’t “get” men’s watches. I especially find the model with three dials to be slightly busy looking, but that’s just me! I also don’t care for the yellow contrast stitching on the band, contrast stitching usually makes things look cheap. I’m not sure how much these cost, as there is no pricing on the TW Steel website. It’s probably safe to say they will be priced at least as much as their other watches (~$400 USD).

In the Garage… No One Cares About Bling Blings

08/05/2010 2 comments

Except for test driver Christian Klien that is. Where is his bling bling? It’s fairly obvious… But for those that don’t know where to look, just look at his earring, that diamond is huge! Or at least I assume it is a diamond, I guess it could be a cubic zirconia. =X

I’m pretty sure Christian Klien is the only driver wearing an earring. I could be wrong though… so if another driver (or test driver) wears earrings… feel free to correct me (preferably with photographic evidence haha).

So I was wrong, Klien doesn’t wear a diamond earring. I’m not quite sure what it is… possibly a silver or platinum stud. Anyone have a more educated guess?

Hamilton Sports a 46664 Bangle in Malaysia

01/04/2010 5 comments

I suppose the term “bangle” is a bit effeminate, no? But that’s what it is, haha. Lewis Hamilton was photographed in Malaysia wearing the 46664 bangle. Is 46664 a name brand? No, it is actually Nelson Mandala’s prisoner number (466) combined with the year he was imprisoned (64). Mandala used 46664 for the name of his organization to spread HIV/AIDS awareness, most people who wear the 46664 things are celebrities.