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Hulkenberg Takes on Vettel in Valencia

Remember Vettel’s sunglasses from Montreal? I sure do. So when I saw this photo of Hulkenberg in Valencia, I nearly “eeped.” That is to say, I made an “eep” sound (err.. almost). This is not scream worthy material afterall. Hulkenberg was wearing the same Oakley sunglasses that Vettel wore in Montreal!

So who wore it better? I’m biased towards Hulkenberg because I am imagining Vettel’s goofy expression in my brain. But to be honest, the sunglasses don’t look TOO bad on Vettel in the above photo. Maybe there was some photography trickery involved? Just kidding. Maybe that’s Vettel’s good side? 😉

My opinion on these sunglasses has changed a bit. They are not too bad on the right person. Please note I am not changing my rating to “good.” It’s just not at as bad as I initially thought.

What do other people think? Hulkenberg vs Vettel, which German is the winner?

P.S. If you like these sunglasses, I believe they are Oakley Men’s Crosshair Sunglasses. They are currently available at for $110 USD. =X


Another Driver Contest

28/06/2010 2 comments

All right, this one isn’t based on physical appearance. But, which driver has the best/worst handwriting?

Wow. This is a tough call. Everyone’s handwriting is awful! Though to be fair they had to write at an awkward angle on the board. Hm.. should I rate it based on “potential” to look decent? If that’s the case, Webber might be the “best.” The M and W are about the same size and well spaced. But Timo’s handwriting could be all right too… As for worst, it’s a toss up. They all look pretty bad. However, Vettel’s Buemi’s B looks especially ugly and Jarno can compete with doctors in terms of messy nearly illegible scrawl…

eh… I DON’T KNOW. Can’t decide!

Snapple Fact About Jarno Trulli

He shaves his legs*.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s a Snapple Fact for you. What’s a Snapple Fact? Well, I snagged the definition from Wikipedia: Snapple is well-known for printing interesting numbered “facts” on the inside of their bottle caps. A list of these “Real Facts” is available on the company website.

Oh and if you don’t believe me, just look more closely at the photo I posted above. Look at the amount of hair on Jarno’s arm. Then have a look at his leg. Noticeable difference right? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as he likes cycling. This entry was supposed to be short like a “Snapple Fact.” Hmm fail. -_-

* OK, I don’t know if he shaves them. Maybe he gets them waxed. Or he could use Nair. Or laser hair removal. Get the drift ya?

It’s a Spanish Grid Girl Thing

I found the espadrilles that the Barcelona grid girls were wearing to be extremely ugly. And guess what?



I guess it’s safe to say that these white espadrilles are the official grid girl shoe of Spain. Maybe it’s because the espadrilles originated in the Pyrenees… I don’t know. But in any case, there are WAY cuter espadrilles than these ones!

Here are some examples :

Pony hair Louboutins:

More Louboutins:

OK… maybe it’s unrealistic to use Louboutins as part of a grid girl uniform… but surely some prettier shoes could be found.

Thoughts From Valencia Qualifying

So… of course I had many thoughts during this past weekend’s qualifying. However the one that sticks out the most is*: THANK GOD LEWIS HAMILTON SHAVED!

Yes. Really. That’s the thing that stuck out the most (besides Stefano Domenicali’s sneaky smile). I didn’t really care about who got pole. Some fan I am huh? ~_~

I wonder what prompted him to shave off that weird facial hair he had going on. Maybe Nicole was complaining about it. Yeah… that has to be it! (Or maybe McLaren told him it was not good for the team’s image).

* There’s also the fact that I didn’t write them down… so I forgot most of them. LOL.

Happy Birthday Nico!

27/06/2010 3 comments

Happy 25th birthday Nico! The quick sketch above was done by me and I really should have scanned it instead of using a point and shoot digicam. Oh well. For those interested, Copic and Tria markers were used. It’s been awhile since I’ve done illustrations.. and I’m afraid it shows. 😦 Hopefully it doesn’t look overly labored and overworked.

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Christian Horner Plagued by Crotch Action in Valencia

27/06/2010 5 comments

Oh Christian… what should I think about you? On the one hand I love you because of your smart ass comments. But the leg shaking, infamous Cosmopolitan naked photo, and now these overly tight trousers are not doing it for me. Like respect, love from the pitwalk must be earned: it’s not automatic, nor guaranteed. One day I might love you, and the next day…maybe not so much.

I’m only a little bit sorry for posting this photo of Christian Horner. I wouldn’t want Oksana Kossatchenko to be all by her lonesome self now. Oksana needs some company in the Valencia-Crotch-Action-Country-Club!

It was inevitable for me to take notice of Horner’s pants… All the creases and pulls in the fabric just draw the eye naturally to Horner’s crotch. T_T ughhh… overall I get the feeling of “TMI” and I want to look away. It becomes hard to notice anything else, but there’s one other area of interest! Horner is carrying a briefcase, +1 for the Formula One man-bag count.