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Fiat Honors a World Class Driver

09/04/2012 2 comments

The Fiat and Chrysler merger has produced some “interesting” vehicles. Remember the “special” Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s that were gifted to Massa and Alonso?

Here is a photo, for those with fuzzy memories:

Now as if the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 x Alonso & Massa edition wasn’t hideous enough, there is a “special” Jeep Wrangler. Have you seen it yet? Here are some photos (via autoblog):

Unlike autoblog, I have some different ideas about this particular Jeep Wrangler. Perhaps Fiat has decided to pay homage to a former driver? A seven time world champion ex-Ferrari driver that is… Remember, dragons are totally Schumi Style. 😉

I mean seriously, this Jeep just screams Schumi with the dragons all over it. Open the hood, and there will be a dragon staring you (or Schumi) in the face.

There are even Chinese characters for ‘dragon’ on the hubcaps and door. It might as well say SCHUMACHER. Can you just see Schumi’s smile of happiness as he climbs into the vehicle? I sure can…

What do you think about this Jeep Wrangler? Love it? Hate it? I say it’s perfect for Schumi. 😛


Ferrari Grand Opening

Felipe Massa had the honor of cutting the Ferrari Red ribbon at the grand opening of the Ferrari store in Singapore yesterday. Aww, the ribbon even had prancing horses on it! We shouldn’t expect anything less from Ferrari. Even the sugar packets in the motorhome has the horse on it.

Massa looks constipated, poor him. Maybe it’s the time change? Nah… They’re supposed to be staying on Euro time anyways.

The new store is at the Marina Bay Sands. From my visits to my local Ferrari store, I find the merchandise to be kind of blah. My local sales associates are also overly pushy, aggressive, and great in number. Perhaps they are trying to mimic the feeling inside a F1 garage? I hope the experience at the Singapore Ferrari store will be better. 🙂

Don’t Forget About the Mother

09/08/2010 3 comments

We can’t let the wives and girlfriends of F1 have all the fun now can we? Felipe’s mother looks quite stylish here with her white jeans, chunky belt, flowy tank top, gladiator sandals, and Prada tote bag. The tote Massa’s mother was using was the Prada Lux Brief Tote. It retails for $1530 USD. I love how simple her jewelry is… not overdone at all. yey. 🙂

Two More Years of Constipation

Yep, we can all look forward to two more years of Constipated Man (aka Massa) in Ferrari Red*. There isn’t much to say… but don’t worry, I’ll be there every step of the way.

But, was there ever any doubt? I mean come on, just look at all the Happy Ferrari Family Photos! Big Daddy D will protect his lovely son. For sure, 110%!!!

* I wonder if he’s tired of seeing the red after so many years?

We’re a Happy Ferrari Family

05/06/2010 4 comments

Of course a family photo was in order last weekend in Turkey. It was Ferrari’s 800th race afterall. Look at this big happy family (click to enlarge):

Massa is actually smiling sort of properly here! No constipation in sight. When I see him here, I’m reminded of how young he actually is… because he looks sort of baby-ish here.

Daddy Domenicali is certainly excited, he is grinning from ear to ear?

Alonso doesn’t look quite as happy as his step father and step brother. I wonder what’s wrong. Is he constipated this time?

Or is Daddy Domenicali secretly holding the drivers’ hands behind the car? I think that might be it! It explains everything! Massa is happy that Daddy Domenicali is holding his hand… while Alonso isn’t enjoying it as much. Perhaps daddy has sweaty hands? =x

Oh look at how excited Big Daddy D is…. he is on thepitwalk again. Perhaps he gets text/sms alerts when I mention him?

Ferrari Hurts My Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Ferrari drivers posing like girls. The “girly pose” photo is actually in the Ferrari press room/media area. HAHAHA, it must be embarrassing for Alonso and Massa. Why have they photoshopped a CACTUS next to them? But that’s not the point of this post.

I have always thought that Italy and Italians were known for good design (e.g. fashion, furniture, etc)… but why does the Ferrari press room hurt my eyes so much? Why is there so much red and white (overkill!!!)? Why are the casings of the lights red? Is it really necessary to have alternating red AND white chairs AND stools? Just look at the “press wall” chock full of logos on the Ferrari Red background. It makes me dizzy almost. And let’s not forget the sickening amount of red in the team uniform worn by the staff and drivers. It’s bad enough just looking at this photo, I think my eyes would bleed in person. @_@

Poor Massa… maybe he’s not constipated after all. Maybe the years of Ferrari Red are making him dizzy too.

In contrast look at the minimalistic and clean Mercedes lounge. THANK YOU for being easy on the eyes.

Massa and the Limited Edition RM011 SP

Richard Mille has a Felipe Massa watch, the RM011 specifically. It would be incorrect to say it is just “a watch,” because there are several limited edition models available for purchase. The latest one is the one released for the Spanish market. Massa looks like he just received some Christmas goodies above. =X

Look at Massa checking out the new watch:

I wonder what Massa is thinking… perhaps… “Nice watch… but it looks like my other one too…” If you like this watch, be prepared for the five digit price tag (~60,000-90,000 euros depending on the type of metal).