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Ron Weasley Sighted in Singapore

Hey look who was in Singapore~ Ron Weasley… err Rupert Grint. Yes, I had to look that up. I am full of pop culture fail 95% of the time. I know Emma Watson though for some reason… maybe because she was in the Burberry ads? 😛

Anyway, Rupert was a guest in Singapore and he looked oddly proportioned for some reason. He looked a bit fat? Or was his shirt too small? Well, the photo might be distorted… I don’t know but the size of his head and body look weird somehow. It’s nice actually recognizing a celebrity for once. ~_~;;

When Having One Isn’t Enough

I don’t usually feature photos of random people I don’t recognize. But… this was rather amusing. Men may or may not understand the concept of having “backups” of material goods, with the exception of girlfriends perhaps? 😉

However, women can be quite neurotic about having backups of things they like (e.g. a pair of pants that fit exceedingly well, their favorite lipstick, eyeshadow, etc). It is paranoia about losing the item, having it being discontinued, etc. In other words, they would be sad without said item.

Perhaps the lady above also subscribes to the “backup” mentality since she has two pairs of Raybans with her. It’s a bit odd to wear them at the same time though…

Lady Dragon Spotted in Turkey

07/06/2010 2 comments

I don’t like this paddock girl’s outfit, the way she layered her tank tops is a bit messy for my liking. However, I’ve decide to feature this photo because of the shoes she was wearing. This paddock girl was wearing the Vivienne Westwood x melissa collaboration Lady Dragon shoes! I used to think they were very cute and Barbie-like with the oversized heart. I even considered buying a pair in the white/cobalt blue colorway. Now I’m not so sure… maybe they aren’t so cute afterall. It could be the color the girl was wearing though… the baby blue ones aren’t the cutest colorway.

If anyone else likes these shoes, they may be purchased at several online retailers, including

Paris Hilton Tries Being a Renault Girl

I was struggling with the idea of posting photos of Paris Hilton in Monaco. Are there some lines and boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed? Paris is a very tacky girl after all. But I identified the dress she was wearing in the Renault garage. So what to do eh?

My solution: I won’t post a photo of Paris. It has been awhile since Monaco and many people have probably seen photos of her royal tackiness already. Instead I’ll post a photo of the dress. haha. Paris was seen wearing a silk shantung Roberto Cavalli dress. If you fancy it, it’s yours for just a little over $2,000 USD at and other fine retailers. But hurry, because size IT 38 and IT 40 have already sold out on net-a-porter. =p

I Love Plaid

It’s no secret. Anyone that knows me knows I’m an absolute plaid freak. I’ve made school projects harder than was necessary due to utilizing plaid fabrics (I want to be a plaid master). Argyle is nice too, it’s the next best thing to plaid for me. Oh and stripes as lovely as well.

But I digress. This paddock girl was seen in Monaco and I am only featuring her because of the plaid printed necklace on her shirt. Yep, that’s the only reason. I don’t think she’s “sexy” at all. So… I may choose to feature other paddock girls if they are wearing plaid, argyle, stripes, or cute graphic prints. I’m biased like that. 😛

Grid Girl Wardrobe Malfunction in Monaco GP

25/05/2010 1 comment

This has got to be the funniest photo from Monaco. In fact, I even named it “lmao” for my files. HAHA. Where to start… there’s so much “good material” here. All right, tight body conscious grid girl uniforms are nothing new… but this girl’s uniform seems a bit too tight on her. Notice the weird crotch action going on? Some have even called it a case of severe “camel toe.” I won’t be so cruel… it’s simply crotch action for me. Sorry grid girl, not to be a betch, but it looks like you need to either exercise more, stop eating prior to wearing the uniform, or go up one size. Sad, but such is the life of a grid girl or model.

The grid girl also seems to be staring at her crotch in slight consternation. Or maybe she’s checking out her own chest? HAHA. Or maybe she’s trying to hit on the guy in the suit, “Oooh baby, check out my hott body!!!” I hope not? His wife appears to be right next to him in her silk chiffon tunic with Hermes Birkin in tow. Maybe the wife took off her sunglasses to examine this wardrobe malfunction in gross detail?

Who knows. All I know is that this picture was one of the funniest I’ve seen in awhile.