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Nelshino is not the only “Top Model”

Lewis Hamilton is one of the more photogenic drivers on the grid. However, it should be noted that his driver photo is still unattractive, with some Elvis-Presley-like-lip-action going on. Anyhoo, this photo should speak for itself. It has emo-wannabe-model written all over it. Watch out Nelshino, you have competition!

P.S. I do like this photo.

A New Job for Nelson Piquet

While it remains to be seen whether Piquet will return to Formula 1, I think Piquet should consider all of his career options. Nascar Trucks might be fun for him, but hey modeling could be just as fun. He seems to pose a lot for the cameras as it is already, just look at these photos (and his twitter account LOL)!

Overall he has good bone structure and skin… all essential elements for a model. And, Brazil IS notorious for churning out many models for print and runway (and Miss Universe contestants as well? @_@).

Anyway, once piece of advice for Nelshino should he pursue modeling as a new career: Change up your angles! Otherwise, people will think you only have one good angle… anyone who watches Top Model knows that!

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Leo… Is That You???

01/12/2009 1 comment

Maybe it’s just me… but when I first laid eyes on Nico Rosberg, I thought he had a striking resemblance to Leonardo di Caprio. To be fair, Nico does not look like the present-day-2009-Leo who has not aged well (i.e. fat and old looking for his age). Rather Nico looks like the Leo-of-the-past that teenage girls used to drool over.

What do you think? For sure the two are far from being twins, but I say the resemblance is there. For sure. 🙂

Nerdy note: I once took a course on the Physiology of Aging. It was quite interesting and depressing to learn that the human body starts going downhill around the age of 25. T_T I recommend taking such a course if the opportunity presents itself. I also found some slides here which has a quite high level view on the subject.