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How to dress for a job interview

Finding a job these days is hard and the competition can be fierce for the simplest of jobs. While education and work experience cannot be changed, one important area that is 100% within your power to be changed is YOUR APPEARANCE.

Yes, that’s right. Perception is everything, especially when the interviewer has zero knowledge about your competency and work habits. One of the best ways to influence others’ perception of you is through outward appearance, so it should not be neglected! This is important even in industries famous for not having dress codes. No dress code is no excuse for looking like a slob. It is inevitable that some people will make subconscious judgments, so why not avoid that problem altogether?

While it is shallow, do give it some thought. I realize that America (and especially California) are way more casual than other countries… so let’s get on with the F1 aspect of this entry. 😛

How to dress for a job interview as illustrated by Nick Heidfeld:

Hm… what Heidfeld is wearing would probably be the absolute minimum at a job interview. He is wearing a dress shirt with some personality: the shirt buttons are black and white and there appears to be some embroidery at the cuffs. Heidfeld appears to be wearing dark jeans, but it would be better to wear slacks at an interview. 😉 He is carrying the famous man bag, which is quite practical for interviews. While there is nothing wrong with wearing comfortable shoes, please do not wear sneakers like Heidfeld. Mixing sneakers with dressier clothes will just cause the overall look to be confused*.

Personal grooming of hair and facial hair should also be neat. Some people look better with facial hair, some look better without, it’s a personal judgement call really. However in Heidfeld’s case, he is better off not looking like a bear!

* True story: I have seen someone in a white shirt, tie, khakis, and dirty beat up Pumas. My thoughts were literally: 1. What happened?, 2. Do you not own any other shoes?, 3. Couldn’t you at least clean those shoes? I know it seems catty… but that’s just how first impressions go sometimes!

What do the readers think? Am I just talking out of my ass, or do you agree? Hopefully this was an enjoyable entry for some readers! 🙂


Mr. Matchy Matchy

“How do I look?” says the King of F1.

Um… very matchy matchy?

Orange polo. Orange/yellow sneakers. Sometimes matching is not a good thing to do!

Weird sunglasses. Man bag. The only saving grace is possibly his bling bling jewelry:

Looks like Schumi doesn’t want to behind Rosberg in terms of jewelry. That eagle bracelet is definitely pretty cool. Looks like diamonds are a girl’s world champion’s best friend.

Looking closer… the sunglasses aren’t that bad. The first photo was just unflattering perhaps. The polo horses on the polo shirt are kinda cute though. Wow, I said that Schumi owns something kinda cute. Weird. @_@

Mug Shot

While I was excited about the return of the Top Man Bag in F1, Heidfeld’s new driver photo is rather sad. Just look at the plain Sauber racing suit… It’s just so sad looking. 😦

The way Nick had his hand at his waist was rather amusing though. The separated fingers is very reminiscent of a US gang sign. The “westside” gang sign that is.

Oh dear…first we had paper gangsta Lewis Hamilton and now Nick Heidfeld. What is F1 coming to? Just kidding! =x

Edit: For fans of the #1 Man Bag in F1… I have found it:

It was barely visible. But it should be clear to everyone that this is indeed the elephant grey man bag. 🙂

A Dream Come True

20/09/2010 5 comments

Nick Heidfeld will return to F1 for Singapore. Hooray, I’m glad he has a drive now. Because that means it’s the return of the #1 Most Popular Man Bag (in F1). We will see more of this:

nick grey bag

However, I’d rather see more of this bag:

I think that would be my real dream coming true. Wait, I have a better one.

How about the return of Heidfeld without that bear-like beard? The old hair isn’t bad either…

Bag Check

Looks like Steffy’s bag made it through the security at Hockenheim without a hitch. I wouldn’t be surprised as his bag looked kind of empty. I wonder if he always uses a bag. Hmm… I’ve been so focused on drivers and their bag that I’ve forgotten about team principals. My bad.

F1 man bag increases by +1 yet again.

Want to be like Adrian Sutil?

15/07/2010 1 comment

No, it’s not necessary to make a trip to an aquatic park. coughcough. Sutil was seen in Melbourne with an attractive man-bag and now if you fancy it… you can channel the spirit of Sutil with a John&Mary bag.

Sutil does not use John&Mary bags, but they are close enough to his bag in my opinion. The price isn’t too bad either. They range from $79 – $129 USD. A detachable shoulder strap will add an additional $16 – $25 USD depending on the size of the bag.

Here’s a photo of the whole collection of the John&Mary “classic carry all” bags:

Oddly… I kind of want one in the small size. What is wrong with me? First I want to be like Nick Heidfeld with a crossbody bag… and now I want to be like Sutil. @_@

If I cave to these temptations, I suppose I can post photos of F1 Drivers vs. thepitwalk. I don’t like losing though! >_< But maybe it will be good entertainment for the readers?

Christian Horner Plagued by Crotch Action in Valencia

27/06/2010 5 comments

Oh Christian… what should I think about you? On the one hand I love you because of your smart ass comments. But the leg shaking, infamous Cosmopolitan naked photo, and now these overly tight trousers are not doing it for me. Like respect, love from the pitwalk must be earned: it’s not automatic, nor guaranteed. One day I might love you, and the next day…maybe not so much.

I’m only a little bit sorry for posting this photo of Christian Horner. I wouldn’t want Oksana Kossatchenko to be all by her lonesome self now. Oksana needs some company in the Valencia-Crotch-Action-Country-Club!

It was inevitable for me to take notice of Horner’s pants… All the creases and pulls in the fabric just draw the eye naturally to Horner’s crotch. T_T ughhh… overall I get the feeling of “TMI” and I want to look away. It becomes hard to notice anything else, but there’s one other area of interest! Horner is carrying a briefcase, +1 for the Formula One man-bag count.