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Hulkenberg Learnt From Liuzzi

It seems that Liuzzi has become Hulkenberg’s master. What is Liuzzi teaching young Hulkenberg? … accessorizing with a lovely scarf, that’s what!

Here’s a photo of the Grand Master himself:

Liuzzi must be teaching him well… but I’m not sure if Hulkenberg should be listening? Oh dear…

Now it’s time to move on to the copious amount of material I have for Valencia. Sorry I didn’t get around to writing about Nicole and the baby she used as an accessory … :/


The Real McLaren Team War Begins in Earnest in Montreal

21/06/2010 3 comments

No, I’m not talking about race results or driver performance. Nor team orders. Why would I do that? 😉

The real war between teammates Jens and Hamilton is one about being on top. Top Model of McLaren that is. Normally I would say Lewis has unmistakable advantages: the power of youth, better eyebrows, skin a girl would envy… and so on. But I have to say Jens really looked pretty good in Montreal. (Oh, I think I just died a little typing that out). For sure the above photo COULD be considered Top Model material.

So who is going to reign in the McLaren Top Model Challenge? Who really wants to be the McLaren Top Model? Lewis has so much going for him, but sometimes it seems like he just doesn’t care about being the Top Model of McLaren. Lewis also tends to use the same expressions over and over. He must show us something new to excite us. In sharp contrast, Jens has been improving throughout the season. Who should remain to represent McLaren in the F1 Top Model Challenge? Who should be sent packing?* Oh, decisions decisions! Perhaps it’d be best to declare the winner towards the end of the season?

* Sounds like Tyra Banks eh? Minus the melodramatic pauses. 😉

Nico’s Other Shoes

Since I always pick on Nico’s fugly beige loafers, I should point out that he does in fact own other shoes. Nico was spotted in Converse in Montreal… he even wore them in the rain! I’m sure it was a little miserable wearing them though… the feeling of wet converse and wet feet is never good. Maybe he was wishing he wore those dear loafers of his instead? =x

Fabiana Wears CUSCO

Ahem… I mean Custo Barcelona. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m fairly confident that Fabiana Flosi was wearing Custo Barcelona in Montreal. Custo is rather known for its wild patterns and colors. Fabiana’s polo shirt looks like a piece the brand would produce. Fabana paired the shirt with dark rinse skinny jeans and black flats… overall a very safe outfit.

Vettel Thinks He’s a Superstar Says Sutil

18/06/2010 1 comment

Hmm… maybe Sutil is right. Maybe this is the explanation for Vettel’s poor choices in eyewear? I’m reminded of a very annoying pop song titled “Cooler Than Me”:

You got designer shades just to hide your face and
You wear them around like
You’re cooler than me
And you never say hey or remember my name
It’s probably cause you think you’re cooler than me.

LOL… isn’t that so appropriate for Vettel? He thinks he’s so cool… but in reality, his sunglasses don’t make him look cool at all! I had mentioned that Vettel’s crown of ugliest sunglasses in F1 was under threat from stylish Kovalainen last week. Not long after I made that post, I found photos of Vettel on race day. For sure Vettel does not want to be outdone by Kovalainen. Check out the sunglasses Vettel wore on race day in Montreal:

Perhaps Vettel is trying to step it up. I’m more inclined to believe that he has bad taste though. While these silver frames are nowhere as hideous as Kovalainen’s Lotus Racing sunglasses, these are still highly unattractive*. So there we have it… another pair of ugly “superstar” sunglasses from Vettel. Do we agree that he is back in the lead of the ugly sunglasses championship?

* I might be getting distracted by the goofball expression on his face though. These sunglasses ARE NOT a good look, right? I hope I can trust my taste level…

Catherine Hyde in British Racing Green?

14/06/2010 1 comment

Cathering Hyde was seen in a green leaf print maxi dress in Montreal. Was she coordinating with Heikki and the Lotus racing team colors intentionally? Hmm, maybe? She paired the dress with a white denim jacket, flat sandals and an oversized chocolate hobo purse. She also chose to keep her hair out of the way with a hairband. The look is fresh, especially when compared to the overcast weather.

A similar maxi dress is available from Diane von Furstenburg:

Rosberg Going Skater Boy?

Is Rosberg going “skater boy” on us? Perhaps.. he doesn’t usually wear his cap backwards. Rosberg was photographed with his fellow Germans to support the German football team. hmm… this isn’t good at all. Rosberg was channeling Nelson Piquet Jr here. No, I’m still not on drugs. Really, have a look: