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How to dress for a job interview

Finding a job these days is hard and the competition can be fierce for the simplest of jobs. While education and work experience cannot be changed, one important area that is 100% within your power to be changed is YOUR APPEARANCE.

Yes, that’s right. Perception is everything, especially when the interviewer has zero knowledge about your competency and work habits. One of the best ways to influence others’ perception of you is through outward appearance, so it should not be neglected! This is important even in industries famous for not having dress codes. No dress code is no excuse for looking like a slob. It is inevitable that some people will make subconscious judgments, so why not avoid that problem altogether?

While it is shallow, do give it some thought. I realize that America (and especially California) are way more casual than other countries… so let’s get on with the F1 aspect of this entry. πŸ˜›

How to dress for a job interview as illustrated by Nick Heidfeld:

Hm… what Heidfeld is wearing would probably be the absolute minimum at a job interview. He is wearing a dress shirt with some personality: the shirt buttons are black and white and there appears to be some embroidery at the cuffs. Heidfeld appears to be wearing dark jeans, but it would be better to wear slacks at an interview. πŸ˜‰ He is carrying the famous man bag, which is quite practical for interviews. While there is nothing wrong with wearing comfortable shoes, please do not wear sneakers like Heidfeld. Mixing sneakers with dressier clothes will just cause the overall look to be confused*.

Personal grooming of hair and facial hair should also be neat. Some people look better with facial hair, some look better without, it’s a personal judgement call really. However in Heidfeld’s case, he is better off not looking like a bear!

* True story: I have seen someone in a white shirt, tie, khakis, and dirty beat up Pumas. My thoughts were literally: 1. What happened?, 2. Do you not own any other shoes?, 3. Couldn’t you at least clean those shoes? I know it seems catty… but that’s just how first impressions go sometimes!

What do the readers think? Am I just talking out of my ass, or do you agree? Hopefully this was an enjoyable entry for some readers! πŸ™‚

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