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Isabell Reis goes green

It has been just about forever since my last F1 WAG fashion post, hasn’t it? Well, there’s no better way to kick off the Australian GP than with the always cute, Isabell Reis:

Isabell was spotted in Melbourne wearing a simple scoop neck tshirt with green skinny jeans. She also wore black and green bracelets, the green one almost looked a bit like a jade bangle. However, upon further inspection, there was a gold ring around the edge, so it may be an enamel bangle. The look was completed with a feminine black peeptoe shoe with bows.

Colored denim is everywhere now, especially with the color blocking trend. I think it can look a bit 80’s, so one must be careful with styling. Personally, I have already gone off the deep end and worn red and kelly green denim myself. Yes, despite the fear of looking like a Female EJ, I did it. And so can you (if you want…).

If you want to replicate Isabell’s look, it will be a bit difficult. Hey, it’s just jeans and a tshirt, how hard could it be? Well, there lies the rub. The tshirt must be quite fitted, even at the sleeve. In addition, the sleeve is also a bit long, so avoid cap sleeves for a true re-creation. I found a few different shirts available at all price points.

If you’re feeling a bit ‘rich,’ you may consider a fitted black tee from Splendid (retails $65USD @

There are cheaper tshirts available, but they tend to have a wider sleeve, so I won’t post them up here.

While colored denim is indeed everywhere… the replicating the tone of Isabell’s jeans will be a bit of a challenge. Many of the green jeans that are for sale are more saturated or completely the wrong tone. There are many brands selling mint green, kelly green, and emerald green jeans… but Isabell’s jeans appear to be more muted, a diluted cool green.

I found a pair on asos that is similar (but too short and slightly too warm obviously):

This pair from topshop may be close, but I fear it is a bit on the blue side:

Edit: After looking at additional photos, Isabell’s jeans may be more saturated than I thought. In that case, I have seen a number of cheap options…

I couldn’t find a cute replica of Isabell’s shoes, instead I found its uglier step-sister by Franco Sarto:

Isabell appears to be wearing a black wrap bracelet, which can be duped easily. Or if you are cheap like me, consider wrapping a thin leather belt around your wrist. This is only doable if the leather isn’t overly stiff. If you happen to have a jade bangle, that would work nicely. Otherwise, there are fun pieces at places like Forever 21:


Royal Purple

25/09/2010 2 comments

Isabell wore a lovely purple dress on Thursday. The color looked great on her and the beaded neckline drew attention upwards to her face. She also wore flip flops, I hope her feet didn’t get too wet in the rain!

Despite the weather, Isabell’s hair continued to look perfectly straight. I do believe she should get some commercial deals with shampoos or hair styling products. 😉

White Heat

The photos from Singapore are already available… but I felt the need to finish up the material from Monza. Bear with the old material for a bit longer. 🙂

I normally don’t combine posts for girlfriends, but Isabell Reis and Jessica Michibata both wore white on race day at Monza.

Isabell’s dress was quite cute. The eyelet lace accents added a bohemian-peasant type of style to the dress. I normally don’t like bold earrings, but the earrings Isabell chose worked with the outfit. The shoes and belt also looked great with the dress.

Jessica’s race day outfit was probably my favorite from Monza:

Jessica usually wears dresses so I was happy to see her in separates for a change. The white camisole she wore was super cute, the pin tuck detailing gave the top a tuxedo shirt look. The skirt appeared to be a bandage type, which was sort of ordinary. However the stripes gave the skirt just a little more wow factor. Jessica’s accessories consisted of her usual: thin gold bangles, flat sandals, aviators, and a brand name bag.

Jump Street

13/09/2010 2 comments

Isabell Reis was seen on Friday wearing a silver silk (charmeuse perhaps?) jumpsuit. She paired the jumpsuit with mirrored aviators, cognac platform sandals, and a denim studded Boston style bag. Jumpsuits are sometimes hard to wear and Isabell accented her waist smartly with a brown leather belt.

She seems to be into this look lately. Isabell wore a denim romper at Spa, though I did not write about it. What do we think about this outfit? I think it was a good comfortable choice… however the jumpsuit seemed to get wrinkled in transit:

I couldn’t help but notice since I always have to press clothes when making them*. But I can ignore the wrinkles, because Isabell’s hair was immaculate as usual. I wish mine was as tidy, haha!

For those interested in Isabell’s bag, good luck finding it as it is a no-brand item. I appreciate Isabell taking the time out to answer my questions about her wardrobe:

She is also following me on twitter now, I almost couldn’t believe it! Does that mean I’m a little famous now? 🙂 haha. For those that do not follow her already, please do so. Her account is @IsabellDoreen.

*By the way, this is not to say my own clothes are perfectly ironed (LOL). I hate pressing and ironing clothes. P.S. Pressing and ironing are different.

Isabell’s Garden Party

02/08/2010 3 comments

Isabell Reis was wearing a dress from H&M’s Garden Collection on Saturday. This dress is quite fun and colorful. I quite liked it myself but didn’t want a polyester dress. If you like this dress, it is long gone from the stores since it was their spring collection. The best bet is to look at second hand shops or ebay. Just keep in mind the dress retailed for $20USD since it was made from recycled polyester*.

Isabell was wearing her usual mirrored aviators and purple buckled platform slingbacks. It’s nice to see cheap items on the pitwalk sometimes, no?

* Nerdy fabric fun fact: Polyester is the only fabric that is recyclable.

Hey look Isa was nice enough to respond to me!

The other tweet is about her shoes… well if it’s a small shop I won’t be able to ID it… sorry folks!

She’s a Cowgirl…On a Steel Horse she Rides

28/07/2010 3 comments

Sort of. Isabell Reis wasn’t exactly wearing cowboy boots on race day at Hockenheim. These pull on knee high boots were really nice on her! Look at the fit at the calf. There’s hardly any gap… fantastic (I’m drooling as I type this…)! Excessive gaps at the calf are annoying and unattractive. Buying a well fitting pair of boots is just as bad as buying pants and swimwear. Let me say this now: FIT IS EVERYTHING. From shoes to clothes… it is really amazing that most people wear things that DON’T FIT. Well, I blame mass production for the most part. Many people are also ignorant about the proper fit of clothes… but that’s another subject.

Anyway, Isabell’s boots have made me a happy camper. Yay. I’m not so keen on the halter top dress though. The white color looks great against her tan and bubble hems ARE cute. But there’s something strange going on at the bust area. The draping and gathering at the bust isn’t the most flattering shape, it makes that area look… ahem… oddly shaped (to me).

While I like the general concept of this outfit… one has to wonder… boots in summer = sweaty feet? I hope Isabell was wearing some socks. =X

Isabell Reis Goes Biker Chic

25/07/2010 2 comments

Isabell Reis was wearing a cognac studded leather jacket with a white t-shirt, cuffed boyfriend jeans, and Converse leopard high tops during qualifying. Elements I liked from her outfit: the color of the leather jacket and the leopard shoes. Isabell said on twitter that these shoes are from her mother. I thought it was cute that she was excited about them and wore them to qualifying. 🙂

However, I wasn’t so fond of that big buckled belt or the studs on the jacket. While I like studs in general, I think they look a little out of place on this jacket for some reason. Maybe the shape and placement of the studs is bothering me. I know that these are “boyfriend jeans,” but for some reason I keep picturing Timo Glock wearing them. @_@ Yes, I know I am a strange one…

Overall I think this is a fun casual outfit that most women could wear.