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The Russians (Grid Girls) are Coming

02/08/2011 3 comments

Is it just me or does this photo look vaguely militaristic? Hmm… maybe it looks more like a beauty pageant?

What I really wanted to focus on was not on the long-legged-freaks-of-nature-grid-girls. Let’s face it… they are freaks. Mere mortals do not have such long legs normally.

What really caught my attention were the ugly accessories. These aviator sunglasses are particularly tacky:

As if the blue reflective lens was not obnoxious enough, the Bavaria logo had to be stamped on the lens as well. I understand, it’s a sponsor, so there needs to be a logo SOMEWHERE. But, could it be a little smaller and more tastefully done?

The large Bavaria logo looks like the sample spectacles at an optical shop… you know when the brand’s logo is on the plano lens? For example:

And of course… who could miss the beer bottle high heeled shoes?

Well, I guess the shoes could be cool, if you like beer. As it is, I find beer to be a waste of calories and empty carbs. Yeah, I’m no fun like that. Seriously though, I don’t think most girls would like this type of heel, but I’ve been wrong before. If you feel otherwise, do let me know. 😉