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An Oldie but Goodie

28/11/2009 2 comments

Since I am lazy busy I have not had the chance to do live blogging during this season (I hope to do better for 2010 haha). Anyway, I do think that Patricia Papen looked great at the Belgian Grand Prix. Some may say her outfit was an overdose of black, but I happenned to like it. Patricia was most certainly going for the “tough luxe chic” look with the leather moto jacket, leggings, and whimsical feminine shoes.

Overall the look was chic though I do think her tunic should have been wee bit longer as I subscribe to the “tights/leggings are not pants” mantra.

Items that I can ID from this outfit:
Sunglasses: Tom Ford Raquel (I think… but these are definitely by Tom Ford)
Leather jacket: Rick Owens Fall 2008
Shoes: Not sure, but they seem Prada-like to me.
Patricia dear.. if you tire of your RO jacket, would you kindly donate it to me? I’d love to have it. 😛


The Season Might be Over but …

My heart will go on. I still found something to talk about.

Namely… Alonso’s ugly “Ferrari Red” sweater. At first, I was very confused by this sweater. With the v-neck and the pattern in the middle and a visible black polo collar, I thought Alonso was wearing a very ugly sweater vest. My eyes then focused on the red sleeves and I realized… it was a sweater. A really really REALLY ugly red sweater.

Now, now… don’t get on my case. I understand WHY he is wearing this sweater. Alonso cannot officially wear the sponsored clothes nor the official Ferrari Red due to contract/sponsorship issues. I am aware of that. But, it is an absolute crime to let him wear this hideous sweater! With Ferrari’s deep pockets, why couldn’t they have provided Alonso with a decent looking garment?

And if money and sponsorship are issues, don’t they have a PR / style person over there at Ferrari? They should have advised him that this is not a good look! (PS Hire me?) Unless (and this is truly a disturbing thought), Alonso already owned this sweater and pulled it out of his closet. OMG, if this is the case Alonso’s girlfriend should have provided some intervention.

I will finish this post with an excerpt from Weezer’s Sweater Song:

If you want to destroy my sweater
Pull this thread as I walk away

Oh yeah… totally, this sweater should be destroyed. Though that is a waste… so Fernando Alonso, please donate this hideous thing to a charity shop as soon as you can…