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Get the London Look

22/03/2012 4 comments

Umm.. I mean the McLaren look. Now you can get the look of the McLaren boys… well, if you’re willing to part with some cash and wear the shades that is. 😉

Jenson was seen wearing a pair of decidely retro shades in Melbourne:

I believe Jenson was wearing the Oliver Peoples Sheldrake model, which will set you back $385-$405 USD at reputable retail stores (Nordstrom, Barneys, etc).

The Sheldrake is a unisex model, the right girl could also rock it:

If you prefer a more modern sporty look, you could try to emulate Lewis Hamilton:

Now you might be thinking “There’s a weird metal bar thing in the center of those glasses.” There is also another metal bar on the temple:

These metal ‘bars’ actually serve a purpose: they are in fact hinges. Yes, that’s right. These sunglasses are foldable. The range for women has been marketed as “Folding in Love.”

This foldable range of Prada sunglasses is quite new, they debuted for men in the A/W 2011. The retail on these is about $375 USD:

The range has also carried over into the S/S 2012 season:

What do you think about these sunglasses? As for me, I think Jenson has also beat his teammate this time round in Melbourne… 😉


Senna Sunglasses?

23/02/2012 2 comments

I came across the 59 Hysteric brand while doing a google search for a completely different topic.  However, I found a little something that F1 fans might enjoy so I thought I’d share. How thoughtful of me!

59 Hysteric is a Japanese eyewear brand whose inspiration is “the admiration for unsuccessful geniuses who lived tragic lives.”  That was a quote from an interview I found here. The number 59 was chosen to represent “the weakness of inexact and imperfect human being.” Besides the Senna model, there are others such as Lennon, Kurt, McQueen, hide, Marilyn etc. See a pattern here? I do have a slight problem with calling Senna and some of the others “unsuccessful” though… because they weren’t. Some of the people 59 Hysteric chose died at the peak of their careers… but this is a touchy subject and I won’t go on further about it.

59 Hysteric produces both glasses and sunglasses and I do like the retro inspired designs. I mean I personally own six pairs of acetate frames (with real lenses… in case anyone was wondering). @_@

Find out more about the range of 59 Hysteric eyewear here. Would you wear any of the designs? I happen to like the hide model… no surprises there. 😛

Vettel Takes the Lead from Jenson

Jenson is one of the few drivers who is not consistently in those horrid Oakleys. He is most often seen in the paddock in a pair of aviators, and he has been sporting them for a long long time:

So imagine my surprise when I saw this photo of Vettel in these Ray Bans:

hmm… interesting, right? Vettel rarely wears aviators. The inner snark in me said: So who does he think he is? Jenson?

hohoho. It’s not a bad look, certainly more flattering than those Oakleys. 😉

P.S. I’m back! Sorry it took awhile, I was kind of embarrassed by the long absence from blogging… and it was also hard to decide what to write about finally. -___-;

Sunny California???

It has been raining here… it’s not always “sunny California” here. 😉

Anyhoo I came across these SUPER x Liberty limited edition sunglasses and my first thoughts were : EDDIE JORDAN.

Yeah, old-man-retro-sunglasses x floral print… it has EJ’s name all over it, don’t you think? He probably has a matching shirt anyway. 😉 Actually, they’re not so bad, the shape is a bit cat-eyed, though not in the normal way.

If you fancy these, these can be purchased online at SUPER’s online web shop for 153 euros. It’s not cheap to be EJ. @_@

P.S. As someone that owns SUPER sunglasses, I do not recommend leaving them in the car. Mine got terribly warped due to the heat and it was biatch for my optometrist to bend them back properly. They’re sadly still a little distorted. 😦

Instant Eyebrows

17/02/2011 6 comments

I thought I would do an update on the Prada eyebrow sunglasses, since they are for sale near me. They are available in a few colorways: black with red brows, tan with black brows, tan with red brows, and white with black brows. There is also an all black pair in the same exaggerated shape.

I tried them on and I have to say… I don’t look as good as these models do in them. It probably has to do with my bone structure (or lack thereof). Sad to say, they probably look better on those with more of a nose bridge. It’s not that my bridge is non-existent, but it is less generous than say… a Caucasian person. Anyway, the look is a little questionable on me because I have dark brows that peek slightly over the frame, much like the model below:

Of course, everyone is dying to know how much they cost right? Don’t worry, I checked the tag at the store and you can own these for $245 USD! I still don’t know if these were produced or how the store got a hold of them… but yeah. You don’t have to buy on ebay if you love them, they are available at a reputable and upscale department store.

Despite the semi-bizarreness of them… I almost wanted to get a pair for styling photoshoots. I know, it’s a disease. Worry not, I purchased something else instead. hah. -_-;;;

Eyebrow Envy

06/02/2011 5 comments

Have you ever envied those with strong eyebrows (like Alonso)? Do you hate it when your eyebrows are covered by your sunglasses? Well, Prada has solved both “problems.” These eyebrow sunglasses debuted at Prada’s fall/winter 2010 show… and I spotted them in cases at a high end department store in town yesterday.

These sunglasses were supposedly never put into production, so I wonder if they are available for sale or not. These sunglasses feature an extreme cat eye lens and come in three color ways. Unfortunately I was only able to take one photo because a sales associate was hovering over me. Also taking photos inside department stores (especially their displays)is technically illegal here in the US.

Anyway, what do my readers make of these sunglasses? Are they fashion forward or just plain dumb looking? Would you wear them? Who in the F1 circus could pull these off?

Personally I think they are weird, but they have potential to cool on the right person.

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Red hurts my eyes

13/12/2010 1 comment

We all know that the Ferrari team just loves its team colors to death. They will use any chance they get to make our eyes bleed from excessive red and white. I have seen various models of Ferrari sunglasses, but I had not seen these red and white wayfarers before*. I’m glad I haven’t seen these sunglasses until now because they are pretty ugly! I hope Ferrari provided Smedley with these sunglasses, because the thought of paying for them is vaguely unsettling.

Perhaps I will set up a poll for 2010’s ugliest pair of sunglasses in F1.

* thanks to Twitter user @eggomolettee for bringing this fab photo to my attention.

PS I’m blogging from the plane… Way to be productive right? 😀