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Are you HD ready?

15/01/2011 6 comments

F1 will be broadcast in HD this year. Hooray! Yeah! All the action will be so clear, it’s like a dream come true for motorsport fans.

So who is actually HD ready? I’m not talking about the HD television sets in your houses, I’m talking about the F1 circus. It should go without saying that the cars and action will look great. 😉

Let’s start out with the good (aka HD ready):

As I’ve pointed out several times on this blog… Lewis Hamilton has the most fantastic skin on the grid. He is most certainly HD ready:


Nicole Scherzinger’s hair will also be great in HD. Imagine it swishing around while she paces back and forth ever so dramatically in the McLaren garage:

photo: google images 😛

Super cutie Isabell will also be just fine:

photo: @IsabellDoreen’s twitter

It’s too bad the coverage doesn’t catch cute actions like this… but that’s okay I guess . 😛

I’m sure most fans will enjoy seeing Jessica Michibata:

image: ???

Nothing can ever be pure good… are F1 fans ready to see the leader… err I mean Bernie in HD?

image: google 😛

I’m not so sure I want to see Bernie in all of his “glory” in HD. I mean, high resolution digital images are bad enough anyway.

How about EJ’s shirts? Some say they are clown shirts… hmm…

image: ???

I suppose the silver lining is that my screen captures for 2011 will be much higher quality than 2010’s. ~_~

While EJ’s shirts are often a topic of controversy… I hope his infamous sweat will not be captured in HD for us:

image: ??? if this is your screen capture, let me know 😛

Is the world ready for John Button’s unbuttons?

image: getty

Alonso will need to take extra care to upkeep his eyebrows because we will be able to see any and all stray hairs:

What is everyone looking forward to seeing in HD this season? What scares you? Let me know via comment or twitter! 🙂


Fabiana is Looking Older

26/09/2010 4 comments

There are few instances when people, especially women, want to look older than their age. Being underage and wanting to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or getting into a club often has something to do with it. 😉 Some might want to look older because they are constantly getting carded due to their baby face. Some prefer to date older people and want to look more mature.

Wait. Could that be the reason behind Fabiana Flosi’s often semi-dowdy look? Fabiana is only 30-ish and yet she sometimes dresses so matronly. Seriously, not even my mom would wear those clothes! My grandma might though…

Just look at this:

I appreciate that Fabiana tries to dress modestly… but this was a bit much. It was just so conservative, she looks ready for a board room meeting. Fabiana is rather high up in the food chain in F1, but there are so many youthful options out there! There really isn’t any need to raid grandma’s closet unless it’s a delicious vintage item! The only thing semi-youthful was the Miu Miu bag she was carrying!

With her hair up and in that blah beige top… Fabiana literally blends into the background:

Fabiana, beige is not your color! It does nothing for your complexion. ~_~

But maybe Fabiana is okay with that… as long as she gets to have a matching watch with Bernie:

Are there diamonds on it or something?

Well, whatever the reason may be… Fabiana could stand to dress younger while maintaining a professional image. It can be done! Perhaps I should be hired as an image consultant? I can do it… for sure. 😛

Work it out now

24/08/2010 1 comment

What do F1 drivers wear while they work out? Well, that all depends on the driver doesn’t it? Now we know that Heikki wears Adidas track pants and a British racing green t-shirt with his name in yellow capital letters when running at the track. Or at least while he is at Lotus anyway.

While I’m not saying his workout was fake… don’t you think it’s a bit staged for PR? I mean really, who wants to wear a t-shirt with their name on it? It’s kinda weird… sorta like Bernie wearing that jacket with the B on it.

P.S. I just thought of something. Maybe the green shirt is for camouflage. If he blends in enough with the grass, maybe he can get out of more workouts?

Umm, kidding. 😛

Christian Tries to Measure up to Bernie at Silverstone

11/07/2010 1 comment

Does anyone remember Bernie’s pot belly battle in Bahrain? Bernie won that battle hands down. Now it appears that Christian Horner would also like to do pot belly battle with Bernie. But I think it’s clear to everyone that Bernie has the superior pot belly. @_@

I’m sure that Christian and Bernie would agree with me. I think their conversation would go something like this:

B: Christian… you’re way too young to start challenging me you young buck.
C: I’m afraid you’re right. There’s no way I could beat you in my present state.
B: Maybe you can challenge me again in about 30 years.
C: If you’re still alive… hohoho.

Fabiana Plays it Super Safe in Turkey

This is my first post about Fabiana Flosi, the girlfriend of Bernie Eccelstone. She was wearing a bland navy outfit on Thursday:

Navy blue boatneck t-shirt… navy jeans that are too long for her legs… The only semi interesting thing about her outfit are her shoes, and they’re not even that interesting. I’m not sure, but I think those might be Moschino flats (possibly from the Cheap and Chic line).

Fabiana was slightly more interesting on race day. She wore a coral hued Missoni tunic with white jeans and bronze platform peeptoes. Those peeptoes MIGHT be Christian Louboutin, but the tell tale red sole is hidden in the shadow (and I don’t really care enough to find a higher resolution photo).

So what do we think? Was it worth leaving Slavica? Maybe Fabiana is playing it safe in terms of clothes because she doesn’t want to be overly flashy. Or maybe she’s a low maintenance nice girl? Maybe…

If you want to purchase a tunic very similar to Fabiana’s you may do so for ~$580 USD at

Heikki Makes a Statement

Look at the words on Heikki’s t-shirt. If you’re too lazy to enlarge the photo, I’ve transcribed it:

Don’t tell anyone outside the family what you’re thinking. Corruption is everywhere.

hmm… is it intentional irony? Perhaps he should be standing next dear old Gollum Bernie? =x

As an aside, I’m wondering what Lotus is putting in Heikki’s waterbottle. He is awfully consistently smiley these days. It’s not a bad thing, I’m happy for him. But it is kind of weird that he’s the smiley-est* on the grid.

* yes, I know that is not a real word

A as in Apple

17/04/2010 1 comment

B as in… boy? Can’t be. He’s way too old to be a boy. B as in… Bernie? Hm, maybe that’s it. The B on Bernie’s “varsity style” jacket MUST be fore Bernie. I’m sure it’s for security purposes. Just in case someone doesn’t recognize him or know who he is. (yeah right… who doesn’t know the face of Gollum… ahem… Bernie. Maybe he’s in denial and is wishing for the years of his boyish youth…)

Unfortunately what Bernie has on underneath the jacket is totally unflattering. Have a look:

Why are the clothes so baggy? Well, I guess I don’t want his shirt to be too tight, I still remember his yucky potbelly scene from Bahrain. Maybe his young Brazilian girlfriend should give him some fashion tips…