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Where’s Perez?

Perez was a little tough to spot, but he was there at the Ferrari Driver’s Academy on September 15th. If I was there, the hypothetical interview might go something like this:

My follow-up question would be: So… you look a little uncomfortable in red. Does it hurt your eyes?

Perez might say: Well… I’m used to the plainest overalls on the grid you know…


Oh dear. I did it again. Ferrari makes it way too easy to for me to poke fun at their signature color.


Sauber’s Angels

28/01/2011 4 comments

image: nextgenauto

The Sauber team was working on their fitness levels during their winter camp, but I think they were also practicing another skill. Photoshoot skill, to be exact. In 2010, none of the Sauber drivers (and test drivers) made it on my radar for “F1’s Top Model.” Perhaps Sauber wants to change this for 2011. 😉

Afterall, here we have the Sauber drivers doing the famous Charlie’s Angels pose:

image: google

I do think the Original Angels were sexier though:

image: google

P.S. Watch out Petrov. Esteban is looking like a killer now. =X

image: nextgen-auto

Sauber Welcomes Sergio Perez

What a warm welcome… I don’t know, but if I had these photos of me floating around, I wouldn’t be too pleased. =X

I understand the concept of having him pose in the car… but I feel a bit bad for the guy. Poor Sergio Perez… he looks like a floating head. 😦

Well, at least he’s a happy smiling floating head. I guess. :/