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Mercedes Drivers Like Accessories

First of all… I just want to say F1 is back! Yay! My goal is to update this blog as frequently as I can so I can keep it in “real time” as much as possible. That is probably going to be very hard for me as I have tons of side projects keeping me busy as well. I have LOADS of material for Bahrain to come… but here’s a little something to get started for the 2010 season…

Rosberg and Shumacher have been photographed with some interesting accessories. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Here we have Shumacher’s necklace… a silver cross on what appears to be a leather rope. It’s not bad, considering Shumacher’s infamous questionable taste level. I like that the cross is kind of ornate, there’s a certain visual interest to it.

Here we have Rosberg who has chosen a rather cool bracelet. I like the braided leather, it gives me a rather Bottega Veneta feeling. But, the BV feeling might be due to the fact that I somehow got into the hype of BV… hmm… In any case, I also like the silver charm details, they’re rather cute. Though I’m sure Rosberg would not want to be “cute.” Haha.

More entries to come… are you ready? 😛

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