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These shoes were made for… driving?

10/08/2012 2 comments

Here’s a question for the drivers/car owners out there:

Now, “driving shoes” don’t have to be as P.R.O as what F1 drivers wear, nor do they have to be those leather slipper-like driving shoes with rubber nubs on the bottom. It is good enough (for the purpose of my question) to have a pair of shoes, flip flops, slippers etc that is designated for day-to-day driving. I am purposely ignoring real racing shoes/boots as most people do not drive their cars competitively. 😉

For most people, driving shoes are probably not a necessity (but do participate in the poll perhaps I am wrong? hehe). However, they are a “nice to have” item for a couple of reasons:

1. Assuming that the driving shoes are only used for driving (and not walking about), the car interior will be kept cleaner. Muddy or sandy shoes could be placed in a bag in the boot (or passenger seat).

2. For the high heel wearing folk, driving shoes make things infinitely easier. The seat will not have to be adjusted to accommodate the heel and subsequently lengthened leg. I don’t know about others, but I have found it quite necessary to adjust the seat when wearing platforms or a heel that exceeds 3 inches in height.

3. Your “nice” shoes will be thankful, especially suede and patent leather shoes. By wearing driving shoes, your nice shoes will be saved from scuff marks.

4. Assuming the shoe has a thin enough sole, better pedal feel. (Although I don’t know how many “average drivers” care about this…)

Which brings me to the meat of this post (AT LAST. Praise the Lord, I am long winded today)… a Tod’s x Ferrari collaboration has come to my attention. These have actually been out for quite awhile, YEARS in fact. Forgive me, but I don’t really pay attention to Ferrari products (quelle horreur~) nor Tod’s shoes.

The Tod’s x Ferrari driving shoes range in price depending on the material ($365USD – $428USD on They are also available in a small selection of colors including obnoxious Ferrari Red.

The insoles are also Ferrari inspired, though the inspiration varies from model to model.

The prancing horse emblem is also present on some models. I guess if you like Ferrari or horses, it could be considered a bit cute? Or perhaps it’s just a tad ridiculous…

Let me know what you think about driving shoes in general and these Ferrari babies as well. 😉 For those that do wear “driving shoes”, what do you think about them? Would you consider designer or racing ones?

As for me, I am far too lazy for driving shoes. Despite having a pair of beater flat shoes in the boot, I usually drive in whatever shoes I am wearing that day (including heels). And yes… some of my shoes are worn from wearing them whilst driving. A perfect excuse to go shopping for another pair perhaps? 😉


Where’s Perez?

Perez was a little tough to spot, but he was there at the Ferrari Driver’s Academy on September 15th. If I was there, the hypothetical interview might go something like this:

My follow-up question would be: So… you look a little uncomfortable in red. Does it hurt your eyes?

Perez might say: Well… I’m used to the plainest overalls on the grid you know…


Oh dear. I did it again. Ferrari makes it way too easy to for me to poke fun at their signature color.

Pat Fry’s Reservations

Poor Pat Fry, most of the photos I see of him lately are quite serious or squinty looking. His retinas are constantly assaulted by Ferrari Red after all. Just take a look in that garage: Wouldn’t you be dizzy too after being exposed to so much red… everywhere?

I think Pat and Stefano need to have a serious talk. =X

Was Pat Fry’s Move to Ferrari a Good Choice?

By now, Pat Fry’s move to Ferrari is ancient history. But of course, this blog doesn’t care about the specifics or politics regarding such a decision.

What really matters is how Pat Fry looks in Ferrari red. Is red a good color on Pat? He seems to be pondering the same question in this photo. I’m not so sure… the Ferrari uniform has a sickening amount of red in it (of course).

However, women supposedly find men in red more attractive due to it being a “status indicator.” Going along with this theory, this would mean the change of uniform has increased Pat Fry’s sex appeal! =x It would also make the Ferrari team and therefore its drivers the most “attractive.”



Alonso Crowned King of (F1) Hair

23/07/2010 5 comments

With Brendon Hartley out of the picture, Alonso is now the king of hair in F1. His hair looked especially good in this photo as well. The Ferrari jacket he was seen wearing in Hockenheim was not bad either. The jacket’s shoulder patches remind of the military trend that is going on now. My eyes also didn’t bleed from copious amounts of Ferrari Red. The only thing I don’t like was the horrendously oversized prancing horse badge. If only the logo was smaller… cause sometimes less is more right?

Ferrari Hurts My Eyes

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Ferrari drivers posing like girls. The “girly pose” photo is actually in the Ferrari press room/media area. HAHAHA, it must be embarrassing for Alonso and Massa. Why have they photoshopped a CACTUS next to them? But that’s not the point of this post.

I have always thought that Italy and Italians were known for good design (e.g. fashion, furniture, etc)… but why does the Ferrari press room hurt my eyes so much? Why is there so much red and white (overkill!!!)? Why are the casings of the lights red? Is it really necessary to have alternating red AND white chairs AND stools? Just look at the “press wall” chock full of logos on the Ferrari Red background. It makes me dizzy almost. And let’s not forget the sickening amount of red in the team uniform worn by the staff and drivers. It’s bad enough just looking at this photo, I think my eyes would bleed in person. @_@

Poor Massa… maybe he’s not constipated after all. Maybe the years of Ferrari Red are making him dizzy too.

In contrast look at the minimalistic and clean Mercedes lounge. THANK YOU for being easy on the eyes.

Massa Et Al Sporting Ferrari Red

The drivers have been spotted sporting Ferrari Red for the Wroom event … and of course I have a thing to say about it.


Disclaimer: The following photos are not mine and have been sourced from other blogs. But the comments about them are 100% mine. Of course.

First up, we have Fernando Alonso’s debut in official team gear. THANK GOD. The horrible red sweater is nowhere to be seen. Well, I hope it’s not hiding underneath the ski jacket anyway.

Next we have Massa. His jacket looks to be about two to three sizes too big for him. And he’s looking constipated again. I mean, with that vacant gaze, what else could Massa be thinking about (besides the loo)? Well, at least Massa’s jeans look ok, no “dad jeans” to be seen.

Fisi here looks a bit…forced.. strained.. not exactly jolly? I’m not sure, but it seems like he has learned something from Massa (aka try to look constipated). Please don’t do that anymore Fisi. You’re fine as you are.

Ok, to be fair, the light probably WAS super bright and he was probably just squinting. But still. Fisi doesn’t look like he’s taking a stroll in the snow. He looks like he’s trying to head for the loo a la Massa.