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Underneath Bruno’s Cap

Has anyone wondered why Bruno Senna is almost always wearing a baseball cap? I know I have!

I don’t have to wonder anymore, because this photo has surfaced:

Oooooh. Potential for semi-big-afro-hair. Is it just me, or this photo a little Grosjean feeling? Yeah yeah… I know it’s just the curly hair, they look nothing alike! I’m not really blind, I swear.

Perhaps the reason Bruno wears caps so often is because he constantly battles bad hair days? Maybe Bruno needs some haircare lessons from Nando? I’m sure Nando can teach him a thing or too about controlling unruly hair! 😉

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Viviane Senna is Fierce!

Viviane Senna was spotted in Hockenheim this past weekend… and man she looked FIERCE! There’s no better way to hide your emotions than behind a pair of oversized sunglasses, but I imagine her shooting lasers out of her eyes. =X Maybe it was the sunglasses and the bob… but she seemed to channel a little Anna Wintour, no? The bold red trench coat looked well on her coloring as did the gold hoop earrings. Smile Anna Viviane, Bruno raced on Sunday! 🙂

I Don’t Get it.

22/07/2010 4 comments

I’m not being sarcastic. I really don’t understand this t-shirt. It says “Bruno Senna Fanclub.” Right, got it.

But then it also says Karun?


Are these girls fans of both Bruno and Karun? Were they too cheap to have separate t-shirts printed? Do they like Bruno more than Karun since Bruno’s name is on top? Or do they prefer Karun since his name is printed in a much larger font size? Maybe Karun is a member of the Bruno Senna fanclub?

What on earth is this? Whoever designed this clearly didn’t give it much thought. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bag on the fans, but this type of thing really bothers me on a design level. 😦

Well for anyone that was ignorant (like me!), refer to the comments. There are very good explanations there… thanks to the readers Bianca and Karin for giving me the correct details! The idea itself is kind of cute. 🙂 But I stand by the design statement… it is kinda confusing for those that aren’t aware of the background (and who don’t follow HRT so closely… I normally tune out the fan photos too haha).

Some new thoughts on this photo: What’s with Karun’s pained smile? Or should I be as bold as to use “grimace”? Shy? Embarrassed? Well, he is in a bromance with Bruno me thinks!