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Little Drummer Girls

07/06/2011 1 comment


While these girls do not qualify as “grid girls,” they were part of the entertainment provided by the Shanghai GP. Whoever designed these dreadful costumes should be shot. I’m not really joking here. Just look at it!!! Jesus the PVC shorts are not flattering at all, especially since they didn’t even fit properly. I mean, didn’t they check the samples for fit when they were made? Or couldn’t they have found some girls who could fill out the shorts (well, maybe not)?

Oh dear… there’s really nothing else to say but poor girls! The F1 season is long, but surely if I rank this outfit as #2 in terms of dreadfulness… can there even be a #1? We’ll have to see about it, won’t we? 😛 Korean GP, I have my eyes on you!!!

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For the Boys

02/06/2011 5 comments

Has anyone noticed Lee McKenzie’s necklines when she interviews various drivers? I have observed that Lee tends to wear lower cut tops when interviewing younger drivers. I doesn’t happen quite so often on the track. It tends to happen during the staged interviews that are on location (drivers’ homes, parks, whatever etc). Basically Lee’s casual wear choices tend to be lower cut during segments with younger drivers.

Some may be thinking “Oh come on now, thepitwalk’s really crazy now! It’s just a coincidence!” Perhaps, but Lee herself has stated that at times she takes advantage of her femininity. She is quite pretty, don’t get me wrong now. I just find it hilarious that it seems to happen quite frequently during interactions with younger drivers.

Now now… it wouldn’t be thepitwalk without some evidence, so I have prepared some screenshots from the Shanghai GP, complete with dialog. Do enjoy. 😉

Article #1:
Lee McKenzie interviews Nick Heidfeld, a reasonably attractive driver… albeit one of the older set…

photos: screencaps by moi

Now, please make a direct comparison with Article #2: On the same day, Lee McKenzie also interviews Sebastian Vettel, who happens to be a hot* young driver of the moment.

* disclaimer: I do not find him “hot” but many do, so there it is.

photos: screencaps by moi

Perhaps I haven’t won my case today… but worry not… there will be future articles to add to the evidence pile. I am sure of it.

P.S. All in fun. Lee is a good journalist, don’t kill me ok. T_T

Eco Bags for F1?

We all know the blah blah blah about making F1 “greener” and such, so it got me thinking when I saw the following photo of Ho Pin Tung in Shanghai:

F1 eco bags are a great idea huh? Amongst the overpriced goods available, some sort of bag would be one of the cheaper options for fans. In addition, they’re cheap and easy to make therefore making the markup about 100000x from the production cost. 😉

However, the only way such a bag would be “worth it” is if it is made from canvas or cloth with an interesting design. I wouldn’t want the F1 logo or having ugly sponsor logos all over the bag. For example, who in their right mind would want a bag with the PETRONAS logo on it? Or how about TATA? Not me!

Imagine carrying your groceries, books, or whatever in such a bag… it could be cute. Potentially anyway.

Update: The person that made the tote found the post on twitter! How cool is that? This big F1 fan also has a blog, do check it out, tthere are more Ho Pin Tung goodies to see if you do! Click here to see the blog.

開įŽĐįŽ‘ … Shanghai Funnies

Yes, I am lame for posting this one month after the race. Real life got in the way. Just think of this as a filler post before I watch qualifying.

“As much as Eddie Jordan wants to be here in one of his shirts.”
-Christian Horner âĪ

"He's such a good advertisement for our sport. He looks good, he's stylish…"
– EJ on Vettel (umm…that aint true anymore due to his new haircut)

"Can I walk with you Felipe?"
– Martin Brundle as he was walking with Felipe Massa anyway.

“I’m pretty sure that if Lewis gets a penalty for the pitlane incident, it will be a grid drop in Barcelona – if we ever get there!”
– Martin Brundle

Jake's interview with Webber… I kept thinking of Canberra milk ad and THEN THEY PLAYED IT. OMG IN SYNC BRAINWAVES.

Moments that were not funny, but rather gross:

Jessica Michibata kissing the camera… gross… I could see the lip print. I mean just because Barichello did it does not mean she should follow suit.

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton's bromance… icky. It just looks so fake and staged.

Cuteness Explosion

I don’t normally include photos of random girls in the paddock for a few reasons. I have no idea who they are, most people don’t care about random girls unless they are “babes,” such “babes” don’t interest me, I don’t care about what they are wearing, etc etc. There are lots of reasons.

I have decided to include two random girls from Shanghai because cuteness is worthy of a post. For sure one way to get my attention is with cute character design. All too often the photos of females in the paddock/grid are focused on the “hot” girls, it’s what people expect. I wouldn’t say I died from cuteness overload (it takes a trip to Harajuku Kiddie Land for that to happen)… but I did enjoy the following photos.

This is not my favorite shade of green, but it is appropriate for the style of the garment and the piggie graphic (and of course it is quite eye catching to boot). The girl styled her hair casually in two loose plaits, it would be perfect at home or on a laid back weekend day.

This girl was a fan of Vettel, but I cropped him out since this post isn’t about him (sorry Vettel fans). Her yellow hoodie is just so fun! I like that weird guy with the vampire fangs and three eyes especially.

So there you have it. An explosion of cute graphic prints (which happen to be worn by girls).

Nico’s Tadpoles

As I was watching the podium drivers’ press conference on Sunday… I couldn’t help but stare at Nico’s eyebrows. They were tadpole (or.. umm sperm) shaped! Was it a case of over tweezing or waxing?

Many women also have this problem, they keep plucking their eyebrows until they reach this unattractive shape:

Looking at the photo of Nico above, I am a bit puzzled. The inner corner of Nico’s eyebrows are clearly denser and thicker than the rest of the eyebrow, which produced the “tadpole” effect that I observed in the video. Most people have either thick OR sparse eyebrows. But I guess you can have both at the same time too (it might be a sign of balding? I’m going to examine the eyebrows of all the guys in my office secretly to confirm this…)

I’m not really sure, but I did a bit of “research” on Nico and my only reasonable conclusion is: Nico just has bad eyebrows. Here’s an old-ish photo of him:

Nico just hasn’t been blessed by the eyebrow gods. Too bad Alonso’s hair is way too dark, otherwise he could give some of his extra eyebrow hairs to Nico. =X

John Button’s at it Again

hm… you know John Button has got a problem when even Legard has noticed his attire:

“John Button’s traditional race day attire… [pink shirt]…”
– Jonathan Legard

Maybe that’s why Button is so freaking lucky all the time. I don’t know what’s worse, John B’s pink shirt or Massa’s lucky underwear.

But seriously… doesn’t his sun damaged skin gross you out? Maybe I’m being overly dramatic about it, but I live in a place where organic food, recycling, and sun protection are king. This wouldn’t be so bad if he just buttoned up his shirt… my poor eyes.