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Leather and Stripes, oh my~

28/07/2010 2 comments

Nicole’s leather motorcycle jacket was delicious… I can practically feel the soft leather through my computer screen. heh. She kept the rest of her outfit simple and it worked. Except for that limited edition Balenciaga City. I don’t really understand why Balenciaga’s limited edition bags are usually ugly, but they are. The bag looks like some cheap burlap* (or eco-bag material) sewn together with various bits of leather.

* yea yea… it’s probably a cotton canvas or linen and NOT burlap. However the material cheapens the look and reminds me of a baja hoodie my dad bought in the 1990s.

A baja hoodie looks like this:

I also thought of ponchos:


She’s a Cowgirl…On a Steel Horse she Rides

28/07/2010 3 comments

Sort of. Isabell Reis wasn’t exactly wearing cowboy boots on race day at Hockenheim. These pull on knee high boots were really nice on her! Look at the fit at the calf. There’s hardly any gap… fantastic (I’m drooling as I type this…)! Excessive gaps at the calf are annoying and unattractive. Buying a well fitting pair of boots is just as bad as buying pants and swimwear. Let me say this now: FIT IS EVERYTHING. From shoes to clothes… it is really amazing that most people wear things that DON’T FIT. Well, I blame mass production for the most part. Many people are also ignorant about the proper fit of clothes… but that’s another subject.

Anyway, Isabell’s boots have made me a happy camper. Yay. I’m not so keen on the halter top dress though. The white color looks great against her tan and bubble hems ARE cute. But there’s something strange going on at the bust area. The draping and gathering at the bust isn’t the most flattering shape, it makes that area look… ahem… oddly shaped (to me).

While I like the general concept of this outfit… one has to wonder… boots in summer = sweaty feet? I hope Isabell was wearing some socks. =X

It’s Been Awhile John Button…

27/07/2010 3 comments

John Button hasn’t been appearing much on the broadcast (and photos)… maybe because Jenson hasn’t been winning lately*? Whatever the reason is, John Button was photographed in Hockenheim wearing a blue striped collar shirt and a casual cotton blazer. As much as I like stripes, I can’t ignore the fact that John Button still had too many buttons undone. I promised to call it out every time I notice it, so here it is.

I can’t possibly be the only one in the world who is bothered by this… no one really thinks he looks “sexy” right?

* Don’t worry dear John… the luck of the Button is strong. I’m sure things will turn around.

Viviane Senna is Fierce!

Viviane Senna was spotted in Hockenheim this past weekend… and man she looked FIERCE! There’s no better way to hide your emotions than behind a pair of oversized sunglasses, but I imagine her shooting lasers out of her eyes. =X Maybe it was the sunglasses and the bob… but she seemed to channel a little Anna Wintour, no? The bold red trench coat looked well on her coloring as did the gold hoop earrings. Smile Anna Viviane, Bruno raced on Sunday! 🙂

Broken Family

thepitwalk does not normally concern itself with F1 controversies. However, this time it’s just too much. Is this any way to treat the (former?) beloved son of Ferrari? Looks like Daddy Domenicali has broken the Ferrari Family. What’s with this stupid fake family portrait? Poor Felipe baby, he doesn’t even want daddy to touch him.

Fernando’s “celebratory” acts were a bit in poor taste as well… why spray Felipe with champagne? Just leave him alone and let him drink his own champagne. 😦

There might not be any more “happy Ferrari Family photos” anymore. =/

Isabell Reis Goes Biker Chic

25/07/2010 2 comments

Isabell Reis was wearing a cognac studded leather jacket with a white t-shirt, cuffed boyfriend jeans, and Converse leopard high tops during qualifying. Elements I liked from her outfit: the color of the leather jacket and the leopard shoes. Isabell said on twitter that these shoes are from her mother. I thought it was cute that she was excited about them and wore them to qualifying. 🙂

However, I wasn’t so fond of that big buckled belt or the studs on the jacket. While I like studs in general, I think they look a little out of place on this jacket for some reason. Maybe the shape and placement of the studs is bothering me. I know that these are “boyfriend jeans,” but for some reason I keep picturing Timo Glock wearing them. @_@ Yes, I know I am a strange one…

Overall I think this is a fun casual outfit that most women could wear.

A Clark Kent Moment?

It’s a bird.. it’s a plane.. it’s Super Man. Err wait.. it’s Super Reubens?! This pose of Reubens Barichello just reminds me of Clark Kent removing his clothes to become Super Man. Kind of. Except I can’t imagine Barichello wearing tights. Or rather, I don’t want to imagine it. Congrats to Reubens for beating the Stig, the t-shirts alone should be incentive enough for others to try and beat the Stig!

I rather like the “Stig Evolution” shirt he was wearing at quali:

Which Stig t-shirt is cooler? I prefer the Stig Evolution one myself!