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Whitmarsh sets the tone for McLaren

Whitmarsh is certainly no Ron Dennis. Yes, obviously. Under Whitmarsh’s leadership, McLaren is leading the way in the F1 Top Model Championship. Whitmarsh shows us that team principals can also model:

It appears that Whitmarsh has mastered the fashion blogger pose:

One hand on the waist
Head pointed slightly down whilst eyes are looking up
Uneven weight distribution on the legs

Oh my! It’s the infamous “Little Tea Pot” pose. Oh Whitmarsh, you amaze me. 😉

Looks like Big Daddy D (aka Stefano Domenicali) needs to step up his game. Afterall, there can be only one Team Principal Top Model.


Pat Fry’s Reservations

Poor Pat Fry, most of the photos I see of him lately are quite serious or squinty looking. His retinas are constantly assaulted by Ferrari Red after all. Just take a look in that garage: Wouldn’t you be dizzy too after being exposed to so much red… everywhere?

I think Pat and Stefano need to have a serious talk. =X

A new look for Big Daddy D?

28/11/2010 4 comments

While Big Daddy D’s new-ish glasses are a major upgrade from his old rimless frames, I had mentioned that he should consider changing it up since Norbert Haug has a similar frame.

One possibility I hadn’t considered was contacts. What do you think, does Big Daddy D look better with glasses? Or should he look into getting some contact lenses? 😉

Was Pat Fry’s Move to Ferrari a Good Choice?

By now, Pat Fry’s move to Ferrari is ancient history. But of course, this blog doesn’t care about the specifics or politics regarding such a decision.

What really matters is how Pat Fry looks in Ferrari red. Is red a good color on Pat? He seems to be pondering the same question in this photo. I’m not so sure… the Ferrari uniform has a sickening amount of red in it (of course).

However, women supposedly find men in red more attractive due to it being a “status indicator.” Going along with this theory, this would mean the change of uniform has increased Pat Fry’s sex appeal! =x It would also make the Ferrari team and therefore its drivers the most “attractive.”



Why Big Daddy D Needs New Glasses

Everyone knows that Big Daddy D got new glasses in Shanghai right? While they were a great improvement over his previous frames, I think that Big Daddy D needs an upgrade. Why? Well… Norbert Haug has a very similar pair of glasses as well! I’m sure Big Daddy D can do better than Norbert, right?

Yes that’s right Stefano… I’m posting about you on twitter too. Now do something about it. 😛

Broken Family

thepitwalk does not normally concern itself with F1 controversies. However, this time it’s just too much. Is this any way to treat the (former?) beloved son of Ferrari? Looks like Daddy Domenicali has broken the Ferrari Family. What’s with this stupid fake family portrait? Poor Felipe baby, he doesn’t even want daddy to touch him.

Fernando’s “celebratory” acts were a bit in poor taste as well… why spray Felipe with champagne? Just leave him alone and let him drink his own champagne. 😦

There might not be any more “happy Ferrari Family photos” anymore. =/

Bag Check

Looks like Steffy’s bag made it through the security at Hockenheim without a hitch. I wouldn’t be surprised as his bag looked kind of empty. I wonder if he always uses a bag. Hmm… I’ve been so focused on drivers and their bag that I’ve forgotten about team principals. My bad.

F1 man bag increases by +1 yet again.