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Fiat Honors a World Class Driver

09/04/2012 2 comments

The Fiat and Chrysler merger has produced some “interesting” vehicles. Remember the “special” Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8s that were gifted to Massa and Alonso?

Here is a photo, for those with fuzzy memories:

Now as if the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 x Alonso & Massa edition wasn’t hideous enough, there is a “special” Jeep Wrangler. Have you seen it yet? Here are some photos (via autoblog):

Unlike autoblog, I have some different ideas about this particular Jeep Wrangler. Perhaps Fiat has decided to pay homage to a former driver? A seven time world champion ex-Ferrari driver that is… Remember, dragons are totally Schumi Style. 😉

I mean seriously, this Jeep just screams Schumi with the dragons all over it. Open the hood, and there will be a dragon staring you (or Schumi) in the face.

There are even Chinese characters for ‘dragon’ on the hubcaps and door. It might as well say SCHUMACHER. Can you just see Schumi’s smile of happiness as he climbs into the vehicle? I sure can…

What do you think about this Jeep Wrangler? Love it? Hate it? I say it’s perfect for Schumi. 😛


Malaysian GP Grid Position Winners and Losers

11/04/2011 3 comments

So… what is the grid position “winners and losers”? I have alluded to the little game I play whilst watching a F1 race a few times on the blog. I’m pretty sure it is well understood. But for those who haven’t read those posts, a pictorial explanation is much easier (and funnier). Those that follow me on twitter may recall a rather bold statement where I claimed I would revolutionize the way my followers watch F1. So let’s get to it, eh?

The grid positions for each race is always divided up in groups of four. While they flash by on the screen, simply pick a “winner” and “loser” from each grouping. The sole factor for defining the “winner” and “loser” is the DRIVER PHOTO. This is a looks and photogenicity contest! Now, sometimes this is rather hard to decide because there may be more than one unattractive photo! Remember to play with your friends, it’s more fun that way. 😉

Without further ado, here are the Winners and Losers of the Malaysian GP:

Winner: Hamilton
Loser: Button

Winner: Heidfeld
Loser: Massa

Winner: Rosberg
Loser: Buemi

Winner: Alguersari
Loser: Barichello

Winner: Kovalainen
Loser: Trulli

Winner: Glock
Loser: Karthikeyan

Wasn’t that fun? Will you be playing this game next week for the Shanghai Grand Prix? Do tell… 😉

P.S. I do need a better jester icon. Hopefully by Shanghai I will do a better job of this. 😉

A new constipated man appears in Korea

Those who have followed this blog for awhile know that my nickname for Massa is “Constipated Man.” However, it looks like Massa was “relieved” in Korea and another driver has stepped up in his place.

So who could it be?

Why, it’s Top McLaren Model Lewis Hamilton!


Sorry, I couldn’t resist…!

Ferrari Grand Opening

Felipe Massa had the honor of cutting the Ferrari Red ribbon at the grand opening of the Ferrari store in Singapore yesterday. Aww, the ribbon even had prancing horses on it! We shouldn’t expect anything less from Ferrari. Even the sugar packets in the motorhome has the horse on it.

Massa looks constipated, poor him. Maybe it’s the time change? Nah… They’re supposed to be staying on Euro time anyways.

The new store is at the Marina Bay Sands. From my visits to my local Ferrari store, I find the merchandise to be kind of blah. My local sales associates are also overly pushy, aggressive, and great in number. Perhaps they are trying to mimic the feeling inside a F1 garage? I hope the experience at the Singapore Ferrari store will be better. 🙂

Was Pat Fry’s Move to Ferrari a Good Choice?

By now, Pat Fry’s move to Ferrari is ancient history. But of course, this blog doesn’t care about the specifics or politics regarding such a decision.

What really matters is how Pat Fry looks in Ferrari red. Is red a good color on Pat? He seems to be pondering the same question in this photo. I’m not so sure… the Ferrari uniform has a sickening amount of red in it (of course).

However, women supposedly find men in red more attractive due to it being a “status indicator.” Going along with this theory, this would mean the change of uniform has increased Pat Fry’s sex appeal! =x It would also make the Ferrari team and therefore its drivers the most “attractive.”



The Bible Has Been Edited

It took them a couple days, but WWD finally edited their article on Sunday. But I find it strange that they only used the photo of a Ferrari Store. Maybe Alonso was too handsome? Or…maybe they couldn’t tell the difference between Massa and Alonso?


Broken Family

thepitwalk does not normally concern itself with F1 controversies. However, this time it’s just too much. Is this any way to treat the (former?) beloved son of Ferrari? Looks like Daddy Domenicali has broken the Ferrari Family. What’s with this stupid fake family portrait? Poor Felipe baby, he doesn’t even want daddy to touch him.

Fernando’s “celebratory” acts were a bit in poor taste as well… why spray Felipe with champagne? Just leave him alone and let him drink his own champagne. 😦

There might not be any more “happy Ferrari Family photos” anymore. =/