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Kimi Eyes F1 Once More?

28/09/2010 4 comments

Does Kimi fancy the Ugly Sunglasses World Championship now? Sorry, Kimi you’re in rally now. You are not qualified for 2010 despite these impressively ugly shades from WRC Japan. Is it just me, or does Kimi look fatter now? If he truly wishes to go back to F1, I’m afraid he’ll need to lose some weight.


Oh god, I know the rabid Kimi fans are going to want to skin me alive now.

By the way Kimi… getting a seat at Renault won’t be so easy if Petrov has anything to do with it. He is a serial killer after all, just look at Petrov in Singapore:


Ron Weasley Sighted in Singapore

Hey look who was in Singapore~ Ron Weasley… err Rupert Grint. Yes, I had to look that up. I am full of pop culture fail 95% of the time. I know Emma Watson though for some reason… maybe because she was in the Burberry ads? 😛

Anyway, Rupert was a guest in Singapore and he looked oddly proportioned for some reason. He looked a bit fat? Or was his shirt too small? Well, the photo might be distorted… I don’t know but the size of his head and body look weird somehow. It’s nice actually recognizing a celebrity for once. ~_~;;

Pants no more

27/09/2010 1 comment

Jessica returned to her mini dress loving ways on Saturday. Pants can’t keep her down, ya know? 😛 The little black and white little number she wore was fairly cute. However, I’m not sold on the little peplum ruffle thing on the back. Of course Jessica is a model and has the body to pull it off. But for most people, it will look dumpy and fat.

Jessica: Hey Jens honey, does this dress make my butt look big? Do I look fat?

Jenson: … No comment, I’m leaving.


And now that I have seen better photos of Jessica’s bag, I was wrong in my initial assessment. The Balenciaga bag is from 2005, when metallics were made. The color is either silver or pewter. I’m leaning towards silver, which just happens to match those flat thong sandals of Jessica’s. 🙂

Catherine Hyde Goes Green

27/09/2010 2 comments

Catherine was wearing a green and white leaf printed maxi dress on Sunday. For those that have been reading the blog for awhile, you may have noticed this dress is a repeat from Montreal. However this time Catherine paired the dress with black platform peeptoe stilettos and a Chanel caviar jumbo flap bag.* Unfortunately I cannot identify the watch. She was worried about what the humidity would do to her hair, but it looks fine wavy. The funniest part of the photo is definitely the two Canon SLRs on the chair (look at that L lens! :P). Perhaps Catherine wanted to sit down?

Watch out photographers! Catherine may be one of the nicest girlfriends in F1, but don’t mess with a lady in stilettos! Better move those cameras, it looked like she meant business. 😉

So which styling option do we prefer? Montreal’s styling was casual with the slouchy bag and flat sandals. However, her hair was sleek and more polished. In Singapore the accessories were formal, but the hair was casual. Both looks work, they are just different.

Catherine is also on twitter, her account is @KataHyde.

* Since Chanel bags are horridly out of my price range. I rarely go into Chanel and look at their bags so I may have the bag sizing wrong. Do correct me if this is not the jumbo size.

Fabiana is Looking Older

26/09/2010 4 comments

There are few instances when people, especially women, want to look older than their age. Being underage and wanting to buy cigarettes, alcohol, or getting into a club often has something to do with it. 😉 Some might want to look older because they are constantly getting carded due to their baby face. Some prefer to date older people and want to look more mature.

Wait. Could that be the reason behind Fabiana Flosi’s often semi-dowdy look? Fabiana is only 30-ish and yet she sometimes dresses so matronly. Seriously, not even my mom would wear those clothes! My grandma might though…

Just look at this:

I appreciate that Fabiana tries to dress modestly… but this was a bit much. It was just so conservative, she looks ready for a board room meeting. Fabiana is rather high up in the food chain in F1, but there are so many youthful options out there! There really isn’t any need to raid grandma’s closet unless it’s a delicious vintage item! The only thing semi-youthful was the Miu Miu bag she was carrying!

With her hair up and in that blah beige top… Fabiana literally blends into the background:

Fabiana, beige is not your color! It does nothing for your complexion. ~_~

But maybe Fabiana is okay with that… as long as she gets to have a matching watch with Bernie:

Are there diamonds on it or something?

Well, whatever the reason may be… Fabiana could stand to dress younger while maintaining a professional image. It can be done! Perhaps I should be hired as an image consultant? I can do it… for sure. 😛

Oksana Dresses Smartly for Singapore

26/09/2010 2 comments

A kaftan was an excellent choice of attire for Singapore. Kaftans can be more forgiving for some body types and have an airy and light feeling, perfect for hot weather. 🙂

Oksana has worn this kaftan before, I believe it was last seen in Malaysia. I’m not a big fan of kaftans, but Oksana can pull them off. She looks especially great in this one due to the rich blue color. She wore a different pair of black glasses, Oksana might be able to compete with Eddie Jordan for the title of “person with the most pairs of glasses in F1.” This pair of glasses looks good, I wouldn’t mind having a pair… if only I knew the brand! 🙂

Listen to my heart

26/09/2010 1 comment

That’s the message I got from Liuzzi’s t-shirt anyway. Graphic t-shirts can be pretty cool. Overall this one was a winner due to the attention grabbing color and simple yet effective design. Congrats Liuzzi, I just hope you weren’t wearing those baggy sweatpants again. Luckily the photo cuts off at the waist, so I will probably never know. 😛

Edit: A twitter user has kindly pointed out that Liuzzi was wearing jeans. haha. I admit I missed the detail as I really don’t care for his sweats at all. 🙂