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Senna Sunglasses?

23/02/2012 2 comments

I came across the 59 Hysteric brand while doing a google search for a completely different topic.  However, I found a little something that F1 fans might enjoy so I thought I’d share. How thoughtful of me!

59 Hysteric is a Japanese eyewear brand whose inspiration is “the admiration for unsuccessful geniuses who lived tragic lives.”  That was a quote from an interview I found here. The number 59 was chosen to represent “the weakness of inexact and imperfect human being.” Besides the Senna model, there are others such as Lennon, Kurt, McQueen, hide, Marilyn etc. See a pattern here? I do have a slight problem with calling Senna and some of the others “unsuccessful” though… because they weren’t. Some of the people 59 Hysteric chose died at the peak of their careers… but this is a touchy subject and I won’t go on further about it.

59 Hysteric produces both glasses and sunglasses and I do like the retro inspired designs. I mean I personally own six pairs of acetate frames (with real lenses… in case anyone was wondering). @_@

Find out more about the range of 59 Hysteric eyewear here. Would you wear any of the designs? I happen to like the hide model… no surprises there. 😛


Get the look : Pat Fry

If you like Pat Fry’s spectacles, I have identified them. Pat Fry is currently wearing Oakley Jackknife 4.0 frames in Pewter. You can view them here on the official Oakley website.

The Oakley Jackknife 4.0 may be purchased for about $160-$176USD from various retailers. What do you think about these frames? I see these on someone who is a bit conservative and maybe a little on the serious side? haha. I don’t know, they’re perfectly fine if you’re into metal frames. Personally, I am partial to European or Japanese metal spectacles. =p

A new look for Big Daddy D?

28/11/2010 4 comments

While Big Daddy D’s new-ish glasses are a major upgrade from his old rimless frames, I had mentioned that he should consider changing it up since Norbert Haug has a similar frame.

One possibility I hadn’t considered was contacts. What do you think, does Big Daddy D look better with glasses? Or should he look into getting some contact lenses? 😉

Oksana Dresses Smartly for Singapore

26/09/2010 2 comments

A kaftan was an excellent choice of attire for Singapore. Kaftans can be more forgiving for some body types and have an airy and light feeling, perfect for hot weather. 🙂

Oksana has worn this kaftan before, I believe it was last seen in Malaysia. I’m not a big fan of kaftans, but Oksana can pull them off. She looks especially great in this one due to the rich blue color. She wore a different pair of black glasses, Oksana might be able to compete with Eddie Jordan for the title of “person with the most pairs of glasses in F1.” This pair of glasses looks good, I wouldn’t mind having a pair… if only I knew the brand! 🙂

Recycle Reduce Reuse?

16/09/2010 1 comment

Despite most of the attention spent on drivers, wives, and girlfriends, the pit walk doesn’t forget about managers, especially Oksana Kossatchenko! The outfits Oksana wore at Monza on Friday and Saturday happened to be repeats.

The black Burberry polo she wore on Friday was first spotted at Hockenheim:

She has even left the same number of buttons undone! It’s hard to say whether the glasses were the same or not since the other photo was taken at a greater distance. I do however liked the dégradé effect on her acetate frames!

Saturday’s outfit was an almost exact clone from Monaco’s ensemble:

The differences this time: the black and white striped shirt and a printed red scarf. Everything else, including the glasses, was the same. I still think this is a chic look, but the red glasses look a bit like reading glasses.

Glasses can be a fun accessory, just ask Eddie Jordan (or William So.. haha). Which pair of glasses do the readers prefer on Oksana? Or do the readers give both pairs a thumbs down? The black pair seems to fit Oksana’s face better, the red ones seem a bit wide. Black is also a bit harsh for her coloring, especially while wearing black! Though the red frame looks a bit sexy secretary-ish, it brightened up Oksana’s face. hrm… a tough choice…

No Kaftan for Oksana Kossatchenko in Monaco

17/05/2010 1 comment

There’s something I really like about this outfit. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it all… with statement pieces in red. It should be mentioned that I don’t even LIKE red, but it works here. I’m really loving Oksana’s glasses, they’re bold and fun. Maybe she could talk about eyewear with Eddie Jordan? I also like how the collar of her jacket is jauntily popped up with the scarf on top.

Anyway, good job Oksana for keeping it age appropriate, elegant, and chic in Monaco. 😀

Get Jessica’s Look for Less

Jessica Michibata was photographed in these black glasses in Shanghai. I don’t really like these because they remind me of safety glasses. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

For the lazy I have a photo here:

So yeah, if you like the look of Jessica Michibata’s glasses but are too cheap to buy a real pair of glasses, get a pair of safety glasses. But do you really want to look like a lab rat? haha.