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It’s Been Awhile John Button…

27/07/2010 3 comments

John Button hasn’t been appearing much on the broadcast (and photos)… maybe because Jenson hasn’t been winning lately*? Whatever the reason is, John Button was photographed in Hockenheim wearing a blue striped collar shirt and a casual cotton blazer. As much as I like stripes, I can’t ignore the fact that John Button still had too many buttons undone. I promised to call it out every time I notice it, so here it is.

I can’t possibly be the only one in the world who is bothered by this… no one really thinks he looks “sexy” right?

* Don’t worry dear John… the luck of the Button is strong. I’m sure things will turn around.


We’re a Happy Ferrari Family

05/06/2010 4 comments

Of course a family photo was in order last weekend in Turkey. It was Ferrari’s 800th race afterall. Look at this big happy family (click to enlarge):

Massa is actually smiling sort of properly here! No constipation in sight. When I see him here, I’m reminded of how young he actually is… because he looks sort of baby-ish here.

Daddy Domenicali is certainly excited, he is grinning from ear to ear?

Alonso doesn’t look quite as happy as his step father and step brother. I wonder what’s wrong. Is he constipated this time?

Or is Daddy Domenicali secretly holding the drivers’ hands behind the car? I think that might be it! It explains everything! Massa is happy that Daddy Domenicali is holding his hand… while Alonso isn’t enjoying it as much. Perhaps daddy has sweaty hands? =x

Oh look at how excited Big Daddy D is…. he is on thepitwalk again. Perhaps he gets text/sms alerts when I mention him?

Ferrari Family Photo… Part 2

07/05/2010 3 comments

Aww, isn’t this sweet? Another happy Ferrari family photo! It just brings a smile to my face.

But wait… why is Big Daddy D sitting with Alonso*? Is it because he is now the “team leader”? Poor Felipe Baby looks a little put out, no? Just look at him trying to smile (it looks so STRAINED!). Poor baby… or is it the signature constipated expression that Massa has mastered?

Don’t worry Massa, you’re still the favorite son of Big Daddy D. I’m sure of it, so don’t be so emo and THINK POSITIVE for this weekend’s race.

If you have not seen the first Ferrari family photo of the 2010 season, check it out here.

* Side note… is that the Viceroy watch that Alonso was advertising? UGH their dumb campaign worked, I’m a slave to marketing. *bangs head on keyboard*

John Button’s at it Again

hm… you know John Button has got a problem when even Legard has noticed his attire:

“John Button’s traditional race day attire… [pink shirt]…”
– Jonathan Legard

Maybe that’s why Button is so freaking lucky all the time. I don’t know what’s worse, John B’s pink shirt or Massa’s lucky underwear.

But seriously… doesn’t his sun damaged skin gross you out? Maybe I’m being overly dramatic about it, but I live in a place where organic food, recycling, and sun protection are king. This wouldn’t be so bad if he just buttoned up his shirt… my poor eyes.

Emo Stefano

Did Stefano cry when his step-son Alonso did not finish the last race? All Stefano needs is some eyeliner (or “guyliner”), more hair, black clothing, tight ass pants, and some tears over the championship… just kidding. How can he possibly be emo when darling son Massa is leading the championship?

All kidding aside, Big Daddy D was photographed in these new frames in Shanghai. I’m not used to these glasses, but they’re all right. The glasses are a standard black rectangular frames so I’m afraid I can’t identify the brand or model. I’m not sure if I like the large lens, but I guess it’s a more “masculine” look. A friend of mine who works in an optometry shop claims large 80s glasses are coming back. I’m not so sure about that, though hipsters galore are sporting it. In any case, keep on smiling Steffy… it looks better:

Corporate McLaren Won’t Keep John Button Down

I had thought that McLaren had tamed John Button. This doesn’t seem to be the case as John Button was recently photographed with Jessica Michibata with multiple shirt buttons undone. >_<

Oh, my eyes. Please McLaren, tell John Button this is not a good look. No one wants to see his leather-like-reddened-sun-damaged chest!!! In fact, it sort of makes me want to dig out my eyes when I see it.

I would have posted a picture of John Button on race day since he brought his "lovely" pink shirt back into rotation (again, with multiple buttons undone), but I couldn't find one. ~_~ Perhaps I should start a count for the number of times John Button will wear that pink shirt. Inquiring minds want to know, right? OK, maybe I'm the only one who wants to keep track of how many times he will wear the damn shirt.

Please John… use your shirt buttons, it will make me feel better, especially since you are on camera a lot! As for McLaren, please tell Mr. Button that wearing his shirt like this is not flattering for him nor McLaren's corporate image. 😛 Or maybe Anthony Hamilton needs to return to the garage to show John Button some appropriate ways to dress. =x

Best Moments of Bahrain

22/03/2010 2 comments

While the race WAS boring, I did find some things to be highly amusing. None of them have to do with driving though…

1. No photo of this… but Martin Brundle having to queue up to speak with Alonso. It was pretty funny how he kept trying to get comments… yet Martin kept getting foiled. oooooh a rare sight!!!

2. Lewis taking one sip of the rose water and then proceeding to spray the rest of the bottle. Guess it isn’t as good as champagne? >)

3. Stefano Domenicali greeting his favorite son Massa before race winner Alonso. Who says Daddy Domenicali doesn’t play favorites? >)

4. Last, but not least (it might be my favorite even)… Alonso picking up Stefano in joy after his win. Stefano’s expression is priceless!!! He totally was not expecting anything and he even pats Alonso’s shoulder as if to say “OMG down boy, down Alonso!” This photo really does the moment no justice, it should be watched in video format. I think I re-watched this bit a couple times myself (and I laughed like a maniac each time).