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EJ Wears White Jeans and DC Follows Suit

Last week in Singapore, EJ was wearing a cobalt blue shirt with white jeans at Saturday’s qualifying. The blue shirt was all right, it actually went quite well with his coloring. But somehow white pants are just “off” on EJ. I just don’t like them. And yes, I don’t have anything better to say than “I just don’t like them.”

Then DC must have gotten fashion inspiration from EJ (from experience, I know this is NOT necessarily a GOOD thing) because he decided to wear white jeans on race day! I guess it looks marginally better on DC because he has the height to pull it off… but come on DC. Don’t take cues from EJ (though he is kinda fashionable for an old chap).

Bernie Goes Casual in Singapore

gollum no white shirt

Bernie is spotted donning some casual gear in what appears to be a long sleeved polo-type shirt made of thick jersey (or sweatshirt?) material. The exposed overlocked seams and team crest/team number add to the casual feeling … as opposed to his usual white collared shirt that he sports on race days. As for the number 67 on the shirt… my hypothesis is that Bernie probably wishes he was only 67 years old… HAH =x

Do you like this look on Gollum Bernie? Is it flattering? Somehow, this makes him seem more like a real person to me (instead of the ring-of-power-obsessed-Gollum a la Lord of the Rings). Imagine him wearing a Caterbury polo or shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch… good lord whilst looking for the ring of power and being suffocated by the horrid A&F cologne…hahahaha

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Surfer Boy EJ

jordan oneil hat

It appears that EJ is trying to be young and hip with his surfer boy O’neil cap. At least I think it’s an O’neil cap. The logo/text are pretty hard to read, shame on the design person. There’s some camo-ish sort of pattern going on… but somehow the cap looks a bit small for his head…

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Fisi’s Watch

fisi watch

Fisichella was sporting this watch at the Singapore Grand Prix. I rather like it… it’s has a quirky design and is not such a typical “manly watch.” I’m not an expert on mens’ watches… so I cannot ID this item. =/

The REAL Reason ING Pulled Renault Sponsorship

renault no ing

Yeah, yeah… the Renault-Piquet-crashing-race-fixing-thing was a big scandal and the primary reason for ING pulling its sponsorship. Everyone and their mothers knows that by now, right?

But… I now have an additional reason as well! Grosjean not only appears to look like the Lion King, but the ING logo as well. Isn’t that weird? I don’t know why I had not noticed before. Maybe I am too fixated on Disney and cartoons? Well whatever the case, maybe we have a case of copyright issues here? Haha… just kidding. Maybe ING could just sponsor Grosjean instead, afterall, he DOES look like that ING lion. 😛

grosjean ING

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