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Eco Bags for F1?

We all know the blah blah blah about making F1 “greener” and such, so it got me thinking when I saw the following photo of Ho Pin Tung in Shanghai:

F1 eco bags are a great idea huh? Amongst the overpriced goods available, some sort of bag would be one of the cheaper options for fans. In addition, they’re cheap and easy to make therefore making the markup about 100000x from the production cost. 😉

However, the only way such a bag would be “worth it” is if it is made from canvas or cloth with an interesting design. I wouldn’t want the F1 logo or having ugly sponsor logos all over the bag. For example, who in their right mind would want a bag with the PETRONAS logo on it? Or how about TATA? Not me!

Imagine carrying your groceries, books, or whatever in such a bag… it could be cute. Potentially anyway.

Update: The person that made the tote found the post on twitter! How cool is that? This big F1 fan also has a blog, do check it out, tthere are more Ho Pin Tung goodies to see if you do! Click here to see the blog.


Young and Dangerous

07/02/2011 2 comments

Someone had to do it. Granted, he’s not particularly young or dangerous*… but Ho Pin Tung’s slicked back hair just screams Nicolas Tse, doesn’t it? I’m not opposed to long hair… but that slicked back look is a little 1990s, no?

As a side note, I find it very odd that Ho Pin Tung is the only one who doesn’t have his name embroidered on his jumpsuit…

I wonder if there is any significance to it… or if it was just an oversight?

images:, google, sidepodcast, nextgen-auto

* OK fine… Nicholas Tse was only in Young and Dangerous: The Prequel (少年古惑仔之激鬥編) if any HK movie buffs want to get nit picky about it 😉