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Australian Grid Girls Support Japan?


Well, this is probably not the case. I am sure Jayson Brunsdon designed the uniform well before the devastating earthquake and tsunami occurred in Japan. However, the red and white color scheme and vaguely belted color blocked midsection, makes me think of a kimono? Hopefully I’m not the only one who thinks this way (but who knows… maybe I am).

A cape/coat also accompanied the uniform, which was kinda cute (except for the fact that it was so red…):


Although I do have say… the grid girls looked sort of like matadors when they slung the coat over their shoulders:


The other two uniform options were MUCH MUCH worse. Don’t believe me? Have a look:


OH MY GOD. The sweetheart neckline dress looks like a BAD home sewing project. Kinda like what I made in Clothing Construction 1. LOL… jesus…. And what’s with the pockets on the other design? Do the girls need a place to stash driver phone numbers or something? 😛

Anyhow, it is important to remember Japan still needs help. Continue donation and support efforts! As I mentioned on twitter, I will be attending a charity event set up by my coworkers. So if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area… I guess this is your chance to stalk me.

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A Closet Full of Shoes

21/03/2011 6 comments

Ah… what is it about fabulous wardrobes and closets that make many a female (including me) seriously envious? For me, having a personal “boutique” would be just a dream come true. However, due to limited space, my wardrobe is actually overfilled and pretty much a disaster. Some might even think they are actually watching an episode of “Hoarders.” All right, it’s not as extreme… but let’s just say there’s a reason why I have to sell things, and it is not due to financial hardships! 😉

But enough about me, who cares anyway? I came across photos of the Ecclestone daughters’ wardrobes a few weeks ago and thought I’d share on the blog since it’s a “fashion blog” (I use that term loosely ;)).

Here is a look inside Tamara’s closet:

Just look at all beautiful torturous high heels. Don’t ignore the handbags either. I kind of wish there were more photos online… I’d like to see how her clothing is stored too. 🙂 Hey Tamara… can I put in a bed in your closet and play dress up?

There are also photos of Petra’s closet:

Everything looks color coordinated and each compartment is lighted! Although I think the lighting is a nice touch… I’d be concerned about the lighting damaging the clothes/accessories (i.e. color fading).

The shoes are truly drool worthy though… and they are even ordered by color. @_@

So whose closet do you prefer? I prefer Petra’s simply because of the color scheme. The polished wood of Tamara’s closet reads a bit manly to me.

What would my dream closet look like? Since I do have enough things to fill up a room (obviously from my war-zone-like room). Well, I prefer more of a dark glamour myself… so it’d be something like Sea of Shoes’ closet:

Without the frou frou pink chair and animal skin rug and with a black chandelier installed. 😉

How about the readers? If you had the space (and the money) to spend on a luxurious closet, what would it look like? Something like Mariah Carey?

Perhaps Carrie Bradshaw?

Christina Augilera?

Unfortunately I feel like Rachel Zoe 😦

Sunny California???

It has been raining here… it’s not always “sunny California” here. 😉

Anyhoo I came across these SUPER x Liberty limited edition sunglasses and my first thoughts were : EDDIE JORDAN.

Yeah, old-man-retro-sunglasses x floral print… it has EJ’s name all over it, don’t you think? He probably has a matching shirt anyway. 😉 Actually, they’re not so bad, the shape is a bit cat-eyed, though not in the normal way.

If you fancy these, these can be purchased online at SUPER’s online web shop for 153 euros. It’s not cheap to be EJ. @_@

P.S. As someone that owns SUPER sunglasses, I do not recommend leaving them in the car. Mine got terribly warped due to the heat and it was biatch for my optometrist to bend them back properly. They’re sadly still a little distorted. 😦

Running man

16/03/2011 4 comments

Petrov and Vettel were both spotted jogging around the track recently. So of course… the natural way my brain works is:

Whose outfit do you prefer? When it comes down to it, I suppose the real question is whether you prefer Petrov’s tighter workout pants or Vettel’s track pants. =X

As far as posture goes, Petrov seems to have slightly better posture and a smile. Perhaps Petrov really is trying to be a Top Model of F1 this year? 😉

Not just for the kiddies

While the Red Bull merchandise is certainly aimed towards a younger market, it can be worn by anyone. These impressions are further re-enforced with numerous photos of Vettel and the Toro Rosso drivers wearing the hoodies and jackets. But good design is for everyone (including Webber ;))! I don’t think I have seen photos of Webber wearing the Red Bull hoodies so I thought I’d share them on the blog:

Here is Webber at Jerez:

photo: nextgen-auto

At Barcelona:

photo: nextgen-auto

It looks good on all of the guys, right? Of course the next question is: Who wore it best?

Naturally. 😉

Need a memory refresh? Click here. And here.

Maldonado tries the backwards cap

15/03/2011 3 comments

Last year I made a point of following which drivers had the tendency to wear their caps backwards. A number of drivers wear their caps backwards … perhaps I should keep track of this more so I can do some “special stats”? This might be a little too crazy though… even for me. Haha. 😉

Anyways, although there has already been plenty of testing dear Maldonado is now the first featured backwards cap driver for 2011.

P.S. I don’t really want to admit that I was examining this photo that thoroughly, but Maldonado wears braces too. Sorry about wasting people’s brain space on useless facts. 😡

P.P.S. Was anyone wondering where my opinion went? If you want it … you got it: Not even this youthful way of wearing a cap can make poor Maldonado look younger. :/ Somehow even Reubens looks younger! Maybe it’s time for some anti-aging treatments? Or half-off Groupon spa deals? ~_~