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Sauber’s Angels

28/01/2011 4 comments

image: nextgenauto

The Sauber team was working on their fitness levels during their winter camp, but I think they were also practicing another skill. Photoshoot skill, to be exact. In 2010, none of the Sauber drivers (and test drivers) made it on my radar for “F1’s Top Model.” Perhaps Sauber wants to change this for 2011. πŸ˜‰

Afterall, here we have the Sauber drivers doing the famous Charlie’s Angels pose:

image: google

I do think the Original Angels were sexier though:

image: google

P.S. Watch out Petrov. Esteban is looking like a killer now. =X

image: nextgen-auto


Because even world champions might have dandruff…

20/01/2011 6 comments

You may recall seeing Vettel filming a commercial for Head and Shoulders on the clever blog wtf1.

I thought it was amusing seeing Vettel get made up and everything personally. πŸ˜‰

But, we should also remember that Jenson Button is also a Head and Shoulders spokesman! According to the communications people at Head and Shoulders, their reason for choosing Jenson is:

Head & Shoulders is the number one selling shampoo in the UK so it seemed natural to team up with Jenson as he is a style icon that the everyday man on the street can relate to. British men aspire to him as he has a natural, relaxed approach to grooming which is exactly what Head & Shoulders is all about.

Ok… I guess anyone can get dandruff (even world champions :P). But have any of you actually seen Jenson’s commercial? I haven’t… until today that is. Please watch it… I promise you it’s worth your time.

Did you watch it?

You did, right?

Do you see how “approachable” they have made Jenson? He’s beating egg whites… By the sink? Then he is in traffic. Then he has trouble parking his … uhh lawn mower? Of course it’s then time for a shower, with Head and Shoulders naturally. Followed by a game of Jenga with some kids? After winning like the champion he is, he goes to take photos on a faux podium with some babes?

Uhh. Right. Just a normal guy that everyone can relate to. @_@

Seriously wtf were they thinking… this commercial is just bizarre, especially with the French dubbing. 😑

Fashion baby

20/01/2011 8 comments

Mercedes announced yesterday on twitter (@OfficialMGP) that Nico Rosberg would be attending Berlin Fashion Week, since it is sponsored by them. πŸ˜› Mercedes also sponsors New York’s Fashion Week. (I think this fact is well known, but I thought I’d throw this tidbit out there for those who are more into motorsport than fashion.) Of course… being me… I just had to reply in such a manner: I can’t wait to see how many buttons Rosberg has undone haha.

Shall we have a look now that photos are available? πŸ˜‰

image: zimbio/getty

Nico was wearing a grey suit with taupey grey suede shoes. It looks good, though a little “safe.” I think I’d like to see some interesting layering from Nico, but that’s just a look I’m into at the moment. He was also sporting the “stylishly disheveled” look with a slight beard and carefully styled hair. Rosberg’s hair looks like he just ran his fingers through his hair with a bit of wax… but I don’t really think that was the case. πŸ˜‰

Of course, Rosberg would not be Rosberg without some shirt buttons undone. However it appears that Rosberg showed a little bit of restraint this time. It looks like he only had two buttons undone, instead of his normal three! What do the readers think? Maybe someone secretly reads this blog or my tweets! (haha… I wish!!!)

With his new-ish haircut… Rosberg has returned to looking like dear old Leonardo di Caprio (before Leo got fat). Since I didn’t do a post when he first chopped off his blonde locks, I shall provide a comparison photo now:

images: zimbio/getty/google

The hair… the lil beard… the shirt buttons. It’s three for three! @_@

But wait a second… that was not Vivian Sibold…it was KarolΓ­na KurkovΓ‘?

I don’t want to look like I am always picking on Jessica, so I will also point out KarolΓ­na KurkovΓ‘’s visible BLACK BRA. See, I am fair. πŸ˜›

Don’t worry! Leo didn’t forget his important girl Vivian Sibold… they were seen at the Rena Lange show:

image: zimbio/getty

Vivian wore a white puff sleeved sweater with a taupe-grey velvet mini skirt, and a fur coat. She paired the skirt with fitted grey suede over the knee boots, which I really love. In fact, I am currently lusting over a pair of Opening Ceremony x Robert Clergerie boots:

So so cute right?

I believe Vivian wore the Christian Louboutin Gazolina over the knee suede boots:

image: Saks Fifth Avenue

I am basing this guess on the top stitching at the top of the shaft, the mid section join, and the center seam in the front. However, if there is another boot that is closer to Vivian’s, please let me know.

While I could not find the boots currently in grey, they are available for the low low price of 892 euros on (brown, size 35). The Gazolina boot retails for $2295 USD and is currently available in black suede and leather.

Vivian was wearing a white leather cross body bag (that I currently cannot identify):

image: zimbio/getty

Vivian also accessorized with taupe nail polish and a Cartier love bangle as seen here:

image: @FakeVivian πŸ˜›

Sorry I can’t ID the watch cause I’m not big on watches so I am sadly ignorant about them. If anyone wants to chime in, please do so. I will credit you πŸ˜‰

So what do the readers think? Both Nico and Vivian get a “pass” from me*. πŸ™‚

* This is good by the way… as opposed to… “not passing” πŸ˜›

Shimmering Neon

18/01/2011 1 comment

image: nextgen-auto

While I have not declared the champion for the Ugliest Sunglasses in 2010*, Alonso seems to have thrown down the gauntlet in anger at the Wrooom event. A couple of observant readers had directed my attention to these electric shades of Alonso’s. For those who are dying to know, Alonso wore Oakley Frogskin sunglasses in matte neon yellow.

Frogskins retail for about $110USD, but don’t think it will be easy to obtain a neon yellow pair. Why? Well, these were a limited edition color, and only produced and sold in May 2008. Perhaps we should count our blessings that they are no longer readily available?

Tell me what you think about these shades. Hot or not? As reader Jon Wilde pointed out, it surely takes the confidence of a world champion to pull these off.

* Sorry… I will get to this… eventually. 😑

Are you HD ready?

15/01/2011 6 comments

F1 will be broadcast in HD this year. Hooray! Yeah! All the action will be so clear, it’s like a dream come true for motorsport fans.

So who is actually HD ready? I’m not talking about the HD television sets in your houses, I’m talking about the F1 circus. It should go without saying that the cars and action will look great. πŸ˜‰

Let’s start out with the good (aka HD ready):

As I’ve pointed out several times on this blog… Lewis Hamilton has the most fantastic skin on the grid. He is most certainly HD ready:


Nicole Scherzinger’s hair will also be great in HD. Imagine it swishing around while she paces back and forth ever so dramatically in the McLaren garage:

photo: google images πŸ˜›

Super cutie Isabell will also be just fine:

photo: @IsabellDoreen’s twitter

It’s too bad the coverage doesn’t catch cute actions like this… but that’s okay I guess . πŸ˜›

I’m sure most fans will enjoy seeing Jessica Michibata:

image: ???

Nothing can ever be pure good… are F1 fans ready to see the leader… err I mean Bernie in HD?

image: google πŸ˜›

I’m not so sure I want to see Bernie in all of his “glory” in HD. I mean, high resolution digital images are bad enough anyway.

How about EJ’s shirts? Some say they are clown shirts… hmm…

image: ???

I suppose the silver lining is that my screen captures for 2011 will be much higher quality than 2010’s. ~_~

While EJ’s shirts are often a topic of controversy… I hope his infamous sweat will not be captured in HD for us:

image: ??? if this is your screen capture, let me know πŸ˜›

Is the world ready for John Button’s unbuttons?

image: getty

Alonso will need to take extra care to upkeep his eyebrows because we will be able to see any and all stray hairs:

What is everyone looking forward to seeing in HD this season? What scares you? Let me know via comment or twitter! πŸ™‚

Late to the party

photo: nextgen-auto

Yes… I know I’m late to the party. But I just wanted to share a little statistic with everyone about the FIA gala last month. Only nine gentlemen opted to wear ties instead of bow ties. I think I spotted them all (click to enlarge, I circled the non bow tie wearing gents) but some of the guests had their neck wear obscured by the person in front of them.

An infographic would be a nice touch to this post… but I’m much too lazy for that. πŸ˜›

Any thoughts? Are ties too informal for this type of event? I happen to think so, but I also enjoy seeing some variety… so I guess I’m quite ambivalent. haha.

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Let’s Make Sexy Time~

13/01/2011 4 comments

Our dearest Nando has been photographed at the Wrooom event slightly shaved. His beard is (kinda) gone, but the mustache remains. Ick!

Now with the mustache, it took me a few moments to realize who Nando reminded me of. Was it Tom Selleck from his PI Magnum days? No… that’s not exactly it.

What about Burt Reynolds?

No no… that wasn’t right either.

Then it hit me.

Borat. Duuuh.

Oh man. Nando please shave. I don’t want to imagine you saying things like “sexy time” and other nonsense. >___<