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Say You Love Me

13/10/2011 1 comment

Now here’s an idea for the rabid fans of F1. Proclaim your love for your favorite driver with a tote bag. These two fans apparently love Petrov and Algersuari. Good choices ladies! The Petrov fan better watch out though… he moonlights as a serial killer I hear! Although I have nothing against certain drivers, I would probably do a double take if someone was sporting a “I Love Barrichello” or “I Love Liuzzi” tote. =X

Would you like strangers to know who your favorite driver is? Whose name would you want on your bag? Perhaps a name isn’t good enough… a photo is worth a thousand words after all:


Suzuka’s Rain Battle

22/10/2010 3 comments

Hey hey… I know the photos from Korea have been released already… but there’s one more post for Suzuka: The Suzuka Rain Battle! 🙂

The first contender is Raquel del Rosario:

Raquel wore a red and black striped top with a navy military inspired jacket and skinny cut up jeans from Met. The booties she wore went well with military chic image.

Raquel’s competition is Jessica Michibata:

Jessica also wore a striped sweater in black* and white. She paired the sweater with ankle length skinny jeans and black patent ballet flats. With her hair in a chignon, the overall look was quite classic and perhaps slightly nautical inspired.

So which striped top/skinny jean combination do the readers prefer? The more classic look of Jessica or the harder edged look of Raquel? 🙂

* Or was it navy? Hard to tell!

P.S. I prefer Raquel’s look, but it is just closer to my personal aesthetic and way of dressing. 🙂

Japan’s Cute Fans

21/10/2010 3 comments

Last year, I posted about some crazy Japanese Ferrari fans. This year, I have decided to focus on the cute fans instead.

Let’s start with this lady:

Hmm… there’s just so much going on, much like what you would see in Japanese street style photos. There’s the Miffy water bottle bag, a DSLR, small point and shoot camera, the leopard backpack… and of course the tiered skirt in Germany’s colors (and the Mercedes team gear). WOW! This is some serious fan!!! I like the overall crazy look, it’s just crazy enough, know what I mean?

A cute mother and daughter were also spotted:

I understand that kids take up a lot of time and often the mother does not have time to look fashionable. But it’s nice to see a cute fashionable mother, isn’t it? I particularly like her hair and grey boots. 🙂

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Watch out for the old bucks

To quote Barrichello, “The young bucks should watch out for the old bucks.” It went something like that, I may have gotten it slightly wrong.

Indeed, it looks like Old Buck Barrichello is trying to compete with them young bucks (e.g. Rosberg, Buemi, etc). Is Reubens too old to wear his hat like this? I guess it looks okay… for an old buck. =x

A Horrid Trend Resurfaces

18/10/2010 3 comments

Remember those horrible mini backpacks from the 1990s that everyone used as a “purse”? They looked like this:

For those that couldn’t afford leather, they also came in canvas… often with straps made from zippers. Cause that way, they could be used as a single strap backpack slung casually over the shoulder, or perhaps crossbody. (barf).

Well anyway, they’re back. At first it was limited to just hipsters who wore them for ironic value. Then fashion bloggers like fashiontoast started wearing them, cause they were made by Chanel. Cause yea, a branded item makes an ugly thing that much better. Everyone knows that, right? 😛


Well, now all the F1 fans can curse the hipsters and bloggers because they have even made it into the F1 paddock. Jessica Michibata was spotted in Suzuka sporting a Chanel backpack a la FashionToast. 😛

Don’t believe your eyes? Here is Jessica with the infernal backpack again whilst shopping at Kitson:

What do we think of this 1990s throwback? Apparently, minimalism isn’t the only thing that came back…

Poor Sakon

Sakon Yamamoto has been demonized by the media for having “stolen” Chandhok’s seat at HRT. As a result, he is barely featured in the media while the media tries to get as much Chandhok action as possible. He also has a driver’s photo that is just barely better than Chandhok’s… you’ve gotta feel sorry for him sometimes. I know I do, and it’s not what the BBC wants. heh. Well whatever, I have a brain… I can use it.

Before the Chandhok fans come crawling out of the woodwork, let me get a few things straight. I am not Yamamoto’s fan, nor am I Chandhok’s fan. I am also not making any statements about the capabilities of either driver. These are just my opinions about the media portrayal of the whole HRT situation.

But, isn’t this a fashion blog?

Yes, it is! I have a point… I’m getting to it. 😛

Sometimes I forget what Yamamoto really looks like because of the ugly driver photo! I have decided to share this photo from Suzuka because Yamamoto actually looked like a human being here. =x Apparently Yamamoto has some fashion sense too, because he chose a Ray Ban style not worn by many other drivers. The Ray Ban aviators he chose actually looked quite good on him. However, the sunglasses were resting on his cheekbones, so Yamamoto needs to take some extra care. He has to keep it cool and not move his facial muscles excessively. 😉

So yeah… take it easy on the guy. He’s just a guy doing his job after all.

Red Bull and Ferrari fight on

With the championship hotting up for the season… there are many other fights going on in F1. Of course, the Ugly Sunglasses Championship has been going on all season long. A different battle was fought in Suzuka, which I am eager to share with my readers. 😉

The points may be tied for WDC, but who will win the Battle of Bad Hair Days ?

Red Bull Racing vs. Ferrari

From Red Bull Racing we have podium bad hair:

To be fair… this was clearly a result from sweating and removing the P1 cap.

Nando likes to be #1 at everything. Before I had crowned him King of F1 (only for hair!), but it seems he can have another crown now. The crown for biggest messiest hair in F1 perhaps?

With that intense stare, it seems like Nando doesn’t agree with me. That hairstyle was “so intentional.” Yeah, whatever Nando.