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Senna Sunglasses?

I came across the 59 Hysteric brand while doing a google search for a completely different topic.  However, I found a little something that F1 fans might enjoy so I thought I’d share. How thoughtful of me!

59 Hysteric is a Japanese eyewear brand whose inspiration is “the admiration for unsuccessful geniuses who lived tragic lives.”  That was a quote from an interview I found here. The number 59 was chosen to represent “the weakness of inexact and imperfect human being.” Besides the Senna model, there are others such as Lennon, Kurt, McQueen, hide, Marilyn etc. See a pattern here? I do have a slight problem with calling Senna and some of the others “unsuccessful” though… because they weren’t. Some of the people 59 Hysteric chose died at the peak of their careers… but this is a touchy subject and I won’t go on further about it.

59 Hysteric produces both glasses and sunglasses and I do like the retro inspired designs. I mean I personally own six pairs of acetate frames (with real lenses… in case anyone was wondering). @_@

Find out more about the range of 59 Hysteric eyewear here. Would you wear any of the designs? I happen to like the hide model… no surprises there. 😛

  1. Kitty
    23/02/2012 at 9:46 pm


    Such a deep + profound brand…

    • pinknyanko
      23/02/2012 at 10:51 pm

      I know right? I was kinda x_X at the “unsuccessful geniuses who lived tragic lives” bit. I think having the motto “Who do you think you are?” on the inside of the frame is a bit cheesy as well.

      Who do I think I am? Ayrton Senna somedays… Lee McQueen on others… with a dash of Marilyn? Pfft. haha

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