Not Only Limited to Kids

So nekoball showed me this video… and while it is not fashion related, I found it highly amusing. I probably replayed it at least five times in a short period of time. Hah.

Here’s my take on the various driver’s attempts:

Buemi looks like he enjoys this VERY much. He’s a pro.
Rosberg looks a bit embarrassed to be doing this. But, the overall result is good. So he’s in the closet so to speak.
Kobayashi looks wayyy too happy? Haha. Also, rather than sounding like a F1 car, he rather sounds like he’s making an imitation of farting noises…
Massa uses his trade mark “constipated” look whilst sounding like a cat.
Petrov is way off, he’s the worst one. “Wing wingy?” What the heck?
Alguessari is all right… not much to say about it.

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