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Worst Dressed in Bahrain

Here we have Martin Whitmarsh’s girlfriend… and I have to say, she was the worst dressed in Bahrain. I’m sure the dress she was wearing probably expensive, but this garment was not flattering in any way. The billowy silhouette in combination with the ruffles made the woman appear much larger. This outfit could have been saved if she had cinched in the waist with a belt… but alas it was shapeless and sack-like.* The blouson shape of the bodice made her chest look saggy (looks like the boobs are going down to her waist?!). I happen to be a ruffle lover as well, but it just wasn’t working here .The ruffles on the armholes just widened her whole shoulder profile. Meanwhile the tiered ruffles on the skirt looked like a flamenco dancer gone American country line dancer**.

* I do happen to like garments in this silhouette but this is not flattering for her.
** Tiered skirts are pretty cute, but the overall look of the garment is just full of fail (on her).

  1. HW
    20/09/2011 at 6:52 am

    This is not his girlfriend this is his wife!
    Do you seriously do a blog on who’s the worst dressed at a grand prix….its about the race!

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