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JLo Dons Pucci in Monaco

JLo looked summery fresh in Pucci over the weekend in Monaco. Pucci always has good patterns and color schemes, and both the dress and scarf are in lovely marine blue colorways. Diamonds never hurt a girl either, and I’m loving her earrings especially. But don’t stop there… check out the diamond ring and diamond Rolex. @_@ They crystals aren’t visible in this photo.. but JLo has crystal encrusted snakes on her Roberto Cavalli sunglasses.

Her skin looked wonderfully glowy and sunkissed (yes, a trick of bronzer I know). Her lips were also the perfect glossy nude tone. ❤ I wonder if Scott Barnes is still her makeup artist, anyone know?

But.. did Jlo know why she was at Monaco? She looked a bit confused here:

If I were to caption her, I would put “What is this thing?” in a thought bubble. =x

Update: The aqua colored bag is by Roberto Cavalli and retails for $660 USD. This makes sense as JLo was staying on Cavalli’s yacht. 😉 She also wore Cavalli dresses in Cannes.

  1. Melodie
    20/05/2010 at 7:28 am

    do nyou know the brand of her bag ?

  2. pinknyanko
    20/05/2010 at 1:49 pm

    I found out.. it’s Cavalli.

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