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The Doll has Returned to the McLaren Garage

Since Dancing with the Stars is over, Nicole Scherzinger has returned to the McLaren garage. I was sad because I had enjoyed her absence from the garage. HAHAHA. I found her extremely airheaded and annoying last season. I hope her fans won’t kill me… Anyway, to my surprise, I thought she wasn’t too bad in Turkey. Hmmm…maybe I’ve grown more tolerant of her? Though I have to say I did not like how she just strolled up to DC, EJ, and JH post-race and started yapping. Anyway, let’s have a look at what she wore in Turkey.

Nicole was wearing this tribal inspired cream colored dress. While I like the concept of the dress and the overall color scheme of turquoise, coral and antiqued bronze, I find the overall execution to be bad. There’s just too much embellishment, and it’s ugly to boot. Or should I say, it’s just not my taste?

If you take a closer look… you’ll see this dress is unflattering. It makes Nicole’s hips look wider than they actually are and shortens her legs.

On race day, Nicole was seen in a dip dye maxi dress and silver flip flops. I liked the colors of the dress, especially the red toned purple. Nicole also has the body to pull off a maxi dress. Most women tend to get overwhelmed in them, but not Nicole. Her red manicure and pedicure were fun and bright.

Nicole was wearing Gucci sunglasses on both days, they look like the GG2846S model. The bag she used is the Treesje Jovi Cross body bag, which retails for $365 USD. A blue one is on sale right now at revolveclothing.com.

I’ll leave the readers with this animation which I found on planetf1 forum:

To be honest I laughed at her reaction and then thought “ooooh NICE HAIR.” I wonder what brand of shampoo/conditioner/hair masks/protein packs Nicole uses. -_-;;; Anyway to sum it up Nicole had one miss this weekend… I guess it’s not too bad?

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