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Don’t Count Button Out

I have posted many photos in the past of Lewis and his “top model” poses in front of the Vodafone logo. There must be something magical about that logo for Lewis, it just brings out his inner model. Though I often think he just looks like an emo kid. Or maybe it’s part of Lewis’ contract? hmm… food for thought. 😉

Jenson isn’t quite as photogenic as Lewis, but he certainly been stepping it up since Montreal. The photo above just illustrates my point further. Jenson should be able to pose in front of the Vodafone logo too. It isn’t half bad, right?

Don’t give up the fight for Top Model Jenson. Show the world how much you REALLY WANT IT!

A Hydrated Lewis is A Happy Lewis

Lewis is usually seen with his ubiquitous McLaren Vodafone water bottle. I think there might be as many photos of his water bottle as there are of his girlfriend Nicole. Like all other drivers, he knows the importance of staying hydrated. But what other driver looks so happy staying hydrated? haha. Hmm… I wonder what he is drinking, it’s orange color. Whatever it is, I hope the color is not as potent as the stuff in Rockstar energy drink… I remember the effects that had on my bathroom trips during an event sponsored by Rockstar. Sorry, TMI right?

Top Model Returns

Lewis is showing that his profile is also not a bad shot here.  I wonder why all his “top model” shots end up in front of the vodafone logo… hmm… maybe they need to start shooting some ads in the McLaren garage. haha, jk.

Edit: I noticed while watching qualifying that Lewis did not shave under his chin. It’s actually visible in the photo above. I don’t really get it… is this a new trend for mens’ grooming? If it’s a new trend, I think it looks dumb.

Nelshino is not the only “Top Model”

Lewis Hamilton is one of the more photogenic drivers on the grid. However, it should be noted that his driver photo is still unattractive, with some Elvis-Presley-like-lip-action going on. Anyhoo, this photo should speak for itself. It has emo-wannabe-model written all over it. Watch out Nelshino, you have competition!

P.S. I do like this photo.

Lewis Hamilton’s #1 Accessory

14/09/2009 1 comment

lewis bottle

Hamilton’s #1 accessory is not that Pussycat Doll, but his water bottle. It seems that every time he appears on the BBC coverage he is seen with a Vodafone water bottle in hand and an Egyptian cotton* towel round the neck.

My theory is that Hamilton constantly drinks water to keep his skin in tip top condition. He is virtually poreless to my eye, it makes me want to see if Hamilton’s skin is flawless in person as well (it probably is!). By maintaining his perfect skin, Hamilton will be able to land a sponsor and advertisement endorsements from a makeup or skincare brand. I think I’d like to see the shu uemura or Shiseido logo as a sponsor. Quite honestly, I can see him being the face of Shiseido which has a penchant for using half-Asian and non-Asian models in their campaigns.

* I am not certain of the fiber content nor origins of his towel. For all I know Hamilton could be using an eco friendly towel made of bamboo and hemp. LOL.