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Cuteness Explosion

I don’t normally include photos of random girls in the paddock for a few reasons. I have no idea who they are, most people don’t care about random girls unless they are “babes,” such “babes” don’t interest me, I don’t care about what they are wearing, etc etc. There are lots of reasons.

I have decided to include two random girls from Shanghai because cuteness is worthy of a post. For sure one way to get my attention is with cute character design. All too often the photos of females in the paddock/grid are focused on the “hot” girls, it’s what people expect. I wouldn’t say I died from cuteness overload (it takes a trip to Harajuku Kiddie Land for that to happen)… but I did enjoy the following photos.

This is not my favorite shade of green, but it is appropriate for the style of the garment and the piggie graphic (and of course it is quite eye catching to boot). The girl styled her hair casually in two loose plaits, it would be perfect at home or on a laid back weekend day.

This girl was a fan of Vettel, but I cropped him out since this post isn’t about him (sorry Vettel fans). Her yellow hoodie is just so fun! I like that weird guy with the vampire fangs and three eyes especially.

So there you have it. An explosion of cute graphic prints (which happen to be worn by girls).

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