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Massa Et Al Sporting Ferrari Red

The drivers have been spotted sporting Ferrari Red for the Wroom event … and of course I have a thing to say about it.


Disclaimer: The following photos are not mine and have been sourced from other blogs. But the comments about them are 100% mine. Of course.

First up, we have Fernando Alonso’s debut in official team gear. THANK GOD. The horrible red sweater is nowhere to be seen. Well, I hope it’s not hiding underneath the ski jacket anyway.

Next we have Massa. His jacket looks to be about two to three sizes too big for him. And he’s looking constipated again. I mean, with that vacant gaze, what else could Massa be thinking about (besides the loo)? Well, at least Massa’s jeans look ok, no “dad jeans” to be seen.

Fisi here looks a bit…forced.. strained.. not exactly jolly? I’m not sure, but it seems like he has learned something from Massa (aka try to look constipated). Please don’t do that anymore Fisi. You’re fine as you are.

Ok, to be fair, the light probably WAS super bright and he was probably just squinting. But still. Fisi doesn’t look like he’s taking a stroll in the snow. He looks like he’s trying to head for the loo a la Massa.

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