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Murse Battle

Murses (man-purses aka “man bags”) are getting more and more mainstream, at least in America. I’m not too sure about Europe, but murses are quite common in Asia.

Anyway, let’s have a murse battle now. First we have Jarno Trulli’s bag vs Nick Heidfeld’s bag.

To the casual observer, both murses look like attache-briefcase type bags. Upon closer inspection, there are differences to be found.

Nick’s bag has a side pocket which is large enough for a water bottle in case he wants to stay hydrated like Lewis Hamilton. Jarno’s bag does not appear to have such a compartment due to the construction of the bag. +1 Nick

Jarno’s murse on the other hand has two accordion-like compartments, which is excellent for organization. Nick’s only has one large compartment. +1 Jarno

Features that are visible on Nick’s murse (but not on Jarno’s) are: a strap (located at the back), an unzippered back pocket. I can’t give Nick any extra points here since I’m not sure if Jarno’s bag has any of these things or not (though it’s quite likely Jarno’s has a strap as well).

So there we have it… it’s a tie I suppose. Perhaps a better question would be who wore his murse better? I would have to go with Nick as Jarno’s outfit is so so terrible. The yoga pants.. the little ponytail.. is Jarno the last samurai or something? OMG my eyes … I can barely focus on the bag as the rest of the outfit is so distracting.

PS Nick you’re not much better since your pants are reminiscent of the “houser” days of the 90s.

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