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The King is Back!

Nice trousers Michael! This has just got to be a caption comp... on Twitpic

I’ve been looking forward for the King of Bad Fashion’s (aka Schumi) return to F1. Mainly I’ve been a bit lazy to write about his outfits because to be honest, they weren’t THAT bad. Well, a certain black jacket that resembles trash bags comes to mind as being borderline offensive… But really, Schumi has done well this season (for him that is…)!

At least up until now. Sorry about the small photo, you will have to click and go to twitpic to see a larger version.

Hm.. what can I say about Schumi’s trousers that hasn’t been said. Oh I know! He may have been inspired by Christian Horner. You see… Horner had similar crotch action going on in Valencia! Of course, I don’t like baggy pants, but sometimes they CAN be too tight, especially in uhh.. certain key areas*. For some reason, these pants seem like they belong in outer space to me. So that’s what I’ll call them: Schumi’s Space Pants.

It’s good to have the King of F1 back.

* Please be mindful when purchasing trousers. Overly tight trousers can cut off the circulation in your leg, especially when sitting down for prolonged periods of time. How do I know this? I’ve experienced it first hand sadly. 😦 Yes, I do wear jeans that tight. Am I a hipster? No. 😛

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