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Winnar of the Best Driver Photo Award

Well, I haven’t looked at the official driver photos yet (because nekoball’s computer became inoperational and as a result I could not watch the race*…) so I am basing my decision off various unofficial photos instead.

Besides the actual race, one of the best things about race day is looking at the driver lineup with the driver photos. Why? Because most of the photos are really really unflattering. Haha. But, I have decided to crown Jarno Trulli as the winner of the best driver photo for 2010. I get a nice feeling from his photo. He isn’t stiff, he looks comfortable in front of the camera, and the smile actually looks real. So here’s the photo that I think is the best out of all the drivers on and off the grid:

* We like to watch the BBC coverage… but it is not available on TV due to geographical location. We get to watch it through the magic of the internet and bt. I heard from a classmate that F1 is broadcast on some cable channel (I forget which one it was), but it doesn’t matter, I like BBC. 😛

  1. 17/03/2010 at 5:57 pm

    F1 is broadcasted on SPEED. We don’t get it, but we prefer BBC anyway. NO DRAWING ON THE SCREEN.

  2. pinknyanko
    17/03/2010 at 8:37 pm

    oh yea.. that’s what she said. Drawing on the screen? Yuck.

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