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Nico’s Tadpoles

As I was watching the podium drivers’ press conference on Sunday… I couldn’t help but stare at Nico’s eyebrows. They were tadpole (or.. umm sperm) shaped! Was it a case of over tweezing or waxing?

Many women also have this problem, they keep plucking their eyebrows until they reach this unattractive shape:

Looking at the photo of Nico above, I am a bit puzzled. The inner corner of Nico’s eyebrows are clearly denser and thicker than the rest of the eyebrow, which produced the “tadpole” effect that I observed in the video. Most people have either thick OR sparse eyebrows. But I guess you can have both at the same time too (it might be a sign of balding? I’m going to examine the eyebrows of all the guys in my office secretly to confirm this…)

I’m not really sure, but I did a bit of “research” on Nico and my only reasonable conclusion is: Nico just has bad eyebrows. Here’s an old-ish photo of him:

Nico just hasn’t been blessed by the eyebrow gods. Too bad Alonso’s hair is way too dark, otherwise he could give some of his extra eyebrow hairs to Nico. =X

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