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Contests in the Mercedes Garage

A favorite “contest” I have when I watch F1 is to rate each group driver photos based on their grid position. I pick a winnar and losar for each group. Anyway… here is a similar contest for the Mercedes garage…

Before engaging in the contest… enlarge the photo by clicking on it. Stupid wordpress shrinks them down due to this template I am using.

Round 1: Who is the best looking in the Mercedes garage?
My winning pick: Nick Heidfeld. The contest was kind of stacked in his favor as I wouldn’t pick three out of those five. Hah. Sorry Rosberg… you might be younger and racing on the track this season, but Heidfeld is the winner here. Heidfeld looks so cute here, I just want to put him in my pocket. LOL ok….I realize this sounds a tad psychotic.

Round 2: Who has the most shirt buttons undone in the garage?
“Winner”: I actually had to do a double take, because the shirt looks a little bit different on each person. But the man in the garage with the most buttons undone is Nico Rosberg. Hmmm… interesting. Maybe he did it for the ladies? Or maybe he is learning from Eddie Jordan?!

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