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Little Drummer Girls

photo: nextgen-auto.com

While these girls do not qualify as “grid girls,” they were part of the entertainment provided by the Shanghai GP. Whoever designed these dreadful costumes should be shot. I’m not really joking here. Just look at it!!! Jesus the PVC shorts are not flattering at all, especially since they didn’t even fit properly. I mean, didn’t they check the samples for fit when they were made? Or couldn’t they have found some girls who could fill out the shorts (well, maybe not)?

Oh dear… there’s really nothing else to say but poor girls! The F1 season is long, but surely if I rank this outfit as #2 in terms of dreadfulness… can there even be a #1? We’ll have to see about it, won’t we? 😛 Korean GP, I have my eyes on you!!!

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  1. 08/06/2011 at 12:38 pm

    I think they fit perfectly, but it’s unfortunate that they chose girls with such big butt veins.

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