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Corinna Schumacher Does it Again

I’m talking about the tribal trend of course. Corinna was spotted wearing this tribal inspired outfit at Saturday’s practice. I’m not sick of the tribal trend on Corinna yet because she manages to make it different each time.

Corinna’s blouse was sheer and airy, giving it a feeling of lightness. The embroideries and embellishments at the neckline were a bit more subtle since they were silver, they blended into the blouse. She was also using her taupe colored Hermes Birkin again. Her pose seems to say, “Yeah, I love the tribal trend, so what?” haha.

Though she went a little overboard with the jewelry, I have to say I’m really loving the pieces she wore. The bracelet was great, it coordinated wonderfully with the details on the blouse. While I don’t like the cross pendent so much, overall the long charm necklace Corinna wore was really cute. I liked the wing charm especially. Here’s a closeup of her necklace:

Corinna even wore some floral hair pins:

I’m not sure the hair pins go too well with the ensemble, but I like them as stand alone objects… maybe with another outfit.

Corinna also wore jeans at the proper length, jeweled flip flops, and a burgundy pedicure as evident in this photo:

Thank you Corinna for wearing jeans at the right length. I think her feet look pretty small and cute… look at the tiny pinky toe nail! I like the dark burgundy nail polish she chose… but it bothers me that the pedicure was imperfect on the big toe nails. I hope she didn’t pay too much money for her pedicure (or here’s hoping she did it herself!).

Anyway, overall lovely summer outfit Corinna. If you decide you don’t like your jewelry anymore, please mail it to me… I’d love to have it. =P

  1. Mélodie
    03/06/2010 at 2:44 pm

    She is always cute ! And seems so nice ! But i don’t like her necklace. I love her nailpolish, i always wear such colors, but my pedicure is better (i do it myself).

  2. pinknyanko
    03/06/2010 at 3:30 pm

    I think the wing charm on the necklace is cute. I also like to wear dark nail polish as well 🙂 It’s ok to do your own nails… it saves money and I am afraid that the nail places might be dirty or something.

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