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Liuzzi’s Californication

It seems that Liuzzi has got the lazy California way of dressing down pat. While there are many styles of dressing in California, the “lazy style” I am referring to is the track suit/pajama dressing phenomenon. In California (and many other parts of the USA I’m sure) it is actually acceptable to wear your pajamas and slippers (or flip flops) out in public (especially if you are a college student). Of course, a track suit is much better than pajamas, but just as casual in my opinion.

I call track suit dressing “California style” because of the brand Juicy Couture, which originated in Los Angeles. In my opinion Juicy Couture has made high end track suits mainstream in American fashion due to its cult status (which Juicy Couture owes to Hollywood celebrities). No one looks twice at people wearing embellished terry cloth track suits. As a semi-side note, the Juicy Couture brand is popular enough for counterfeiters to reproduce…it’s rather sad really.

But let’s get back to Liuzzi. Liuzzi was seen wearing a sky blue Italia track jacket… cause you know… some people might not know he is Italian (or they might forget and think he is Spanish or something!). All jokes aside, the track jacket was ok and the color looked good on him. He was also wearing a pair of track pants with a skull embroidery on it. I think the embroidery detail was whimsical and fun… but the pants are a bit baggy. The baggy pant leg combined with the white piping on the pants gives the illusion that Liuzzi was wearing harem pants (aka “Hammer pants,” this is a trend which I hope will die soon). =X

Liuzzi was also sporting messenger bag in what appears to be a dark evergreen (it’s hard to tell in this photograph). His shoes are also very new and white but I think I shall stop here now.


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