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Chandhok’s Thousand Year Old Surprise

Just kidding. “Thousand year old” eggs look like this:

They are actually preserved duck eggs and are quite delicious by the way…

Chandhok was photographed with this egg in Turkey:

Did anyone else think “wtf” when they saw this? Or maybe people were laughing (like I was). Chandhok just looks kind of stupid here with his egg. Clearly he is not F1 Top Model material. He’s got to learn “how to sell the egg.” I hope that egg is hard boiled… or preserved…or fake. I can’t imagine that thing surviving travel around the different tracks. nekoball said Chandhok’s egg reminded him of Kinder eggs* (aka Kinder surprises). Perhaps in a way Chandhok’s egg IS a Kinder egg. Luck is supposedly stored in it?

* I admit… I didn’t know what a Kinder egg was. 😦 I had to wiki it. I think it’s funny (and sad) they are banned in the USA. USA is so boring and annoying sometimes.

Edit: I’ve discovered the egg is rubber. Thank goodness?

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