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Wanna be a Grid Girl for Halloween?

Now you can! The Turkish grid girl uniform is super easy to replicate… and there won’t be any worries about the super body conscious outfits! All that’s needed is a white tank top (with appropriate copycat badges), red short shorts, a really large red beaded necklace/bracelet combination (possibly stolen from the Flintstones or a 10 year old girl), oversized red sunglasses, and white peeptoe pumps (don’t forget the heel is black… but you can easily paint it or draw on it with a Sharpie). Oh and don’t forget the red lipstick!

Seriously though… I’m not sure what to think. Sure, this uniform is “anti-typical-grid-girl.” But it’s so… ORDINARY, normal girls dress like this all the time! In addition, somehow the whole getup looks kind of cheap? Maybe it’s the patches/badges. The tank top looks more like an item you buy at the “fan goods section” for 20 euros rather than some type of uniform.

I don’t know, I feel kind of ambivalent about this. On one hand, this type of outfit is more flattering for most women. Then again, grid girls are not “most women.” They are supposed to look good anyways.. it’s their job? I don’t know what to think… thank goodness it’s time to talk about Montreal now.

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